2021 season will bring new tires or reversed grid

2021 season will bring new tires or reversed grid

17. 2. 2021 0 News

We can look forward to several changes in 2021 season including the arrival of Hankook as the exclusive tire supplier or reversed starting grid for second races of the weekend.

The third season in TCR Eastern Europe history in ahead of us. And it will bring some innovations. Yokohama will no longer the exclusive tire supplier of the championship. Hankook replaced them in this role.

„Tires are one of the most important parameters in racing world so their change is always very important for everyone. We had good experience with Hankook for many years in ESET Cup, especially in our junior programme, endurance races and Renault Clio Cup races. I strongly believe good cooperation will continue in TCR Eastern Europe. The change will be definitely appreciated by teams that also participate in endurance races of ESET Cup, where TCR class will be officialy announced for this season. Tires will be unified thanks to this cooperation. Additionaly, I would like to thank our previous tyre supplier Yokohama Europe for excellent and exemplary cooperation,“ says Josef Křenek, the TCR Eastern Europe promoter.

The way the starting grid for second races of the weekend is created will be also changed. The drivers started to Race 2 according to second best times from qualifying so far. But from this year, the results of Race 1 will decide about the form of grid for Race 2. After Race 1, a number from six to ten will be drawn. If a six will be drawn, the best six from Race 1 will be reversed at the start of Race 2, when the seven will be drawn, the first seven will be reversed and so on up to ten.

This change will assure the exciting second races of the weekend. While drivers from the middle of the field will have a chance to achieve top results, the favourites will have to catch up from lower positions.

We will see reversed grid in second races of each weekend.

To make it financially easier for teams after coronavirus pandemic, only ten best results from overall twelve races will be counted: „The situation with and after covid will not be easy. The main priority for maintaining quality motorsport is to reduce overall costs. One of the main parameters is the number of races. Races in Poznan and the traditional ones as Hungaroring, Red Bull Ring, Grobnik, Slovakiaring and Brno are all important. To keep them all and also keep costs low for the teams, we introduced a classification with deletion results for 2021. All races will be counted again in 2022,“ added Josef Křenek.

The junior drivers are very important for TCR Eastern Europe. The championship supports them for a long time. This year, the promoter will make the situations of juniors easier as their costs will be significantly reduced. We also can expect we will see much more junior drivers on the grid, because the upper age limit for participation in junior classification will be increased from 21 years to 23 years.

Teams already can file an application for 2021 season. It pays off to do it as soon as possible. If teams will apply on time, they will get a discounted entry fee and one set of tires for free.