A transparent account for financial aid

A transparent account for financial aid

30. 7. 2022 0 News

After the tragic accident during the race weekend at the Grobnik circuit, where the track marshal lost his life, a transparent account named „Accident at the Grobnik circuit“ was established for financial aid.

You can transfer any amount of money to the account number

IBAN: CZ6001000001238033800297

The amount can be sent in any currency, however, when paying in euro via SEPA, the bank charges the lowest fees. When paying, it is necessary to state the name of the account creator: Josef Křenek. There will be published, within the transparent account, the informations about the name of the payer’s account, amount and currency of the payment, description of the payment, message for the recipient, variable, constant and specific symbol.

The account will be activated on the 1st-2nd August.