ADITIS Racing expands with a third Audi

ADITIS Racing expands with a third Audi

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Team manager and driver Radim Adámek is very satisfied with the ADITIS Racing team’s season. Its lead driver Bartosz Groszek is fighting for the championship and the team finally took in a brand-new Audi RS3 LMS TCR, which will be shared by Adámek and Groszek.

You have expanded the team with another Audi RS3 LMS TCR. Is it a new car?
Yes, it’s a brand-new Audi. We got it directly from the Audi factory, where we had a very interesting excursion at the Audi Sport development centre. The original delivery date was supposed to be before the start of this season, but in these uncertain times, we are happy to have it at least in the middle of the season. I have to say, we really like the car and I also hope it will be fast enough. We would like to enter the car in Grobnik.

Who is going to sit behind the wheel?
The car was bought for two championship series. I will drive it in TCR Eastern Europe and Bartosz Groszek is going to race with it in TCR Europe, where it would be really difficult for him to compete using an older car.

So your plan is also to regularly start in TCR Europe?
We have a long-term project with a clear goal – to participate in both the TCR Eastern Europe and the TCR Europe championships, and to represent the Czech Republic well with the best possible results.

Now that you have three cars, are you going to add a third driver?
We are looking for a third regular driver. There are drivers who are interested in one-off races, but long-term cooperation is always better. We would like to finish this season with three cars, but the person who will become the third driver is still unknown. It’s also possible that the third car will be part of the ESET RaceStar project.

So the plan is to race three cars, and there is also cooperation with Vít Smejkal, who has been starting with his Cupra in select races with your team. That means you would take care of four cars. Do you have the capacity for it?
Yes, ADITIS Racing was created as a long-term project for a higher number of cars. We have the facilities to manage five cars right now.

As mentioned, you take care of Smejkal’s Cupra. How different is that car from your Audis?
His Cupra is in the same vein as our Audis. The cars have the same engines, the same control unit, and the chassis is basically the same, just a little bit shorter. So the car setup and the work that’s been done on the Cupra haven’t been much different for us.

Let’s talk about this season. ADITIS Racing has been fighting for top positions in almost all of the categories in TCR Eastern Europe – in driver standings, in Trophy class, and in team standings. Did you expect that before the start of the season?
To be honest, yes. After signing the contract with Bartosz, I believed that we would be attacking the top-most positions. The winter preparation of the cars corresponded to this and nothing was underestimated. The cars were prepared like never before.

Bartosz Groszek is really fast and a great driver. How do you rate his performance?
Bartosz is already a mature driver with knowledge, a great ability to solve certain situations, and the capability to adapt to any given conditions. He is getting faster and I’m happy that he is part of our team. He fit into the team collective very quickly and is a team player. He is simply a nice man who drives fast, respectfully, and regularly finishes in top positions. After all, his current hold on first place in the championship standings proves it.

And what about your season? How do you rate it? What was your worst time behind the wheel and what was your best?
I’m not completely satisfied with my season, although I feel better and better in the car. I always look forward to the races, I believe in our team’s success, and I know that I will enjoy the weekend in a good team that has a lot of fun. I felt my best in the races in which I started from pole position – at Hungaroring and at Red Bull Ring. The first laps were always an adrenaline rush and I was satisfied. I felt my worst after an innocent collision in a well-started race at the Red Bull Ring and in Poznań, where I struggled from start to finish with a car damaged during a collision with another car.