Attila Bucsi wins in his debut race in TCR Eastern Europe

Attila Bucsi wins in his debut race in TCR Eastern Europe

9. 9. 2023 0 News , , ,

In his first-ever race in the TCR series, young Hungarian driver Attila Bucsi from the M1RA Motorsport team proved unstoppable. Despite losing a few positions, he fought back, reclaimed the lead, and relished his moment on the top spot of the podium.

The race started with pole-position man Attila Bucsi and Maťo Homola on the front row, followed by Bartosz Groszek and Adam Kout. Homola quickly took the lead just before the first turn, pushing Bucsi into second position. Bucsi faced a challenge from Adam Kout in a Hyundai, resulting in a fierce battle. There was contact between Bucsi and Kout, damaging Kout’s bodywork and causing it to rub against the tire. Kout’s Hyundai emitted a significant amount of white smoke and his pace dropped slightly, allowing Bucsi and Groszek to overtake.

After three laps, the order at the front was Homola comfortably leading, followed by Bucsi and Groszek. Kout and his teammate Carlo Czepiel were closely battling for fourth and fifth positions.

Giacomo Ghermandi moved up to sixth place ahead of two Honda Civics driven by René Kircher and Davit Kajaia. Žarko Knego and Petr Fulín Jr. were in close pursuit, with Knego managing to find a way around Kajaia. When Kajaia spun out of the track in the first turn, Fulín Jr. moved up to ninth place, and Petr Čížek secured the final points-scoring position. However, he had to defend his position fiercely as Carol Wittke was pushing hard. The two former teammates engaged in a battle for the last part of the race, with Wittke eventually making a move and entering the top 10 in the stadium section of the track.

Meanwhile, Bucsi pushed his limits, catching up to Homola in first position, setting the stage for an intense fight. In the sixth lap, Bucsi made his move, overtaking Homola on the outside. Bucsi increased his lead with each lap and ultimately won the race with a 4.279-second gap ahead of Homola, with Bartosz Groszek finishing another six and a half seconds behind. Kout and Czepiel were fourth and fifth.

Attila Bucsi also became the winner of the junior trophy, with Carlo Czepiel and René Kircher taking second and third place, respectively. Bucsi also received the Trophy class award for the older TCR class, while Antonio Citera and Sebastian Kolakowski finished second and third in that category.

After the podium ceremony, Bucsi drew the number nine, which means he will start ninth in tomorrow’s race with a reverse grid. Petr Fulín Jr. will start from pole position.