Attila Bucsi won the second race with late move in the last lap

Attila Bucsi won the second race with late move in the last lap

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Hungarian driver Attila Bucsi with Hyundai i30 from M1RA Motorsport team won the second TCR Eastern Europe race with late move on leader Adam Kout with Hyundai Elantra from Janík Motorsport team. Best result of the career recorded Latvian driver Ivars Vallers with Audi from LV Racing team.

Jiří Zbožínek from Hyundai Janík Motorsport started from the pole-position alongside Ivars Vallers from LV Racing. Behind them were Žarko Knego, Davit Kajaia, fifth and sixth positions belonged to Giacomo Ghermandi and René Kircher. Attila Bucsi and Adam Kout were behind them and yesterdays winner Maťo Homola started from ninth.

Vallers had a slightly better start, took the inside line in the first corner and took the lead of the race with Zbožínek second and Kajaia third. Kajaija then moved up to second in the turn three, as yesterday´s top dog were stuck in the middle of the pack.

The order after the first lap was Vallers, Kajaija, Zbožínek, Ghermandi, Kircher, Kout, Homola, Bucsi, Knego and Čížek in tenth position.

But Zbožínek didn´t surrended and fight Kajaija to take the second place back. Their fight was an opportunity for Ghermandi, who overtook them in the same time in turn five, although in the last corner of the same lap he went wide, Kout slip past him and Ghermandi made a little bit traffic behind him with close calls from the drivers behind him, luckily nowbody hit the Italian driver.

Bucsi moved up to third place behind Kout and leader Vallers, who made a nice gap of more then to second from opposition. Behind them was close battle for the positions and Homola went to the fourth place with Petr Čížek passed both Mertel Motorsport drivers Kajaija and Kircher.

With ten minutes to go, Bucsi catch up second Kout, who also managed to close the gap for Vallers and the fight for the win begun. With five minutes to go, Vallers made a small mistake in fast S-turns, which opened the doors for Kout, passing him before the last turn, joined by Bucsi, who moved up to second place.

Kout was under pressure from Bucsi, locking front tires during the braking, but still managing Bucsi behind his back. Kout had a slight advantage in top speed, but in the last lap of the race, Bucsi managed to overtook Kout in turn fourth and won his second race of the season. Dissaponted Kout took second place and extremely happy Ivars Vallers secured his best result in TCR Eastern Europe with podium finish.

Fourth was Homola, fifth Petr Čížek, sixth Ghermandi, seventh crossed finish line Kajaija, but he received time penalty and dropped to eight position behind Žarko Knego. Ninth finished Jiří Zbožínek and scored another points to his tally. Tenth was Vít Smejkal from Expres Auto Racing.