Bartosz Groszek controlled the pace and won the opening race of the season

Bartosz Groszek controlled the pace and won the opening race of the season

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Groszek from the ADITIS Racing team won the first race of the opening round at Hungaroring. He held the position until the chequered flag, after a last-lap battle with Maťo Homola.

The start and the first turn were clean, but there was contact between Bartosz Groszek, Jáchym Galáš, and Milovan Vesnić in the second turn. Just a little touch was enough to damage the suspension in Galáš’s Hyundai and retire Vesnić from the race.

Groszek got back into the lead after he lost it in the long first turn. Groszek was gaining a couple of tens every lap, however Maťo Homola, who had a bad start, moved up to second place and was driving the new Elantra pretty well. Soon Homola began to cut time from Groszek’s lead.

Meanwhile Milenko Vuković held third position, followed by Sebastian Steibel, Petr Semerád, Levente Losonczy, and Carol Wittke. Those drivers showed spectators a really nice and, so far, clean battle and there were a lot of changes in position. However, halfway through the race, Carol Wittke retired from it after making contact with Sebastian Steibel.

Semerád was pushing hard for third place and followed Vuković very closely. He finally found a place to pass the green Renault, but the passing manoeuvre happened under the yellow flags, so Semerád had to let Vuković by. The fight was back on. Semerád tried make a move in different places on the track, but Vuković was fast enough to defend his position.

Defending position was also an important job for Bartosz Groszek. The leader was under pressure from Maťo Homola, and those two had to fight up until the very last corner of the very last lap, where Homola tried to pass him on the outside. But the long way around the corner was too much for Homola and Bartosz Groszek won by 0,188 seconds. Homola received 5 seconds penalty after the race for track limits, however it hasn´t changed the race results and he stayed in the second place.

The first race win of the 2022 season went to Bartosz Groszek from ADITIS Racing. He shared the podium with Maťo Homola, who came in second, from the Hyundai / Janík Motorsport team, and with Milenko Vuković from the Besagroup Vuković Motorsport team, who finished in third.

Fourth place was taken by Petr Semerád from Hyundai / Janík Motorsport, who also won the Junior category for young drivers. Levente Losonczy was fifth in an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Two seconds behind Losonczy finished Petr Čížek with a Cupra León Competición. Seventh position belongs to Sebastian Steibel with another Cupra, eighth was Sanel Cehic, and, finishing in the last points position, was Radim Adámek.

TCR Eastern Europe Trophy for older cars was also won by Bartosz Groszek, second finished Petr Semerád and third was Levente Losonczy. In Junior class the winner was Petr Semerád in front of Levente Losonczy and Tomasz Rzepecki

The starting grid for tomorrow race will be in reverse order from 10th position.

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