Bartosz Groszek is heading to Croatia as a leader, Semerád is close behind

Bartosz Groszek is heading to Croatia as a leader, Semerád is close behind

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TCR Eastern Europe championship continues in the following weekend at Grobnik in Croatia. The battle for the title is in the full swing.

Bartosz Groszek, Petr Semerád and Milenko Vuković are the candidates for this year´s championship. Two young guns and experienced racer who just returned to racing after a couple of years of hiatus.

Groszek from Aditis Racing leads the standings right from the first race of the 2022 season, but it doesn’t mean, that he dominates the season. He just won his second race of the year at home circuit Tor Poznań, but most importantly he finished with his Audi RS3 LMS TCR in TOP5 places and collected points from all the races.

That´s not what we can say about Petr Semerád and Milenko Vuković. Both of them had some troubles and didn´t finish the race. Vuković even twice.

Semerád behind the wheel of Hyundai i30N TCR drives for Hyundai / Janík Motorsport team. He was waiting for his first win in TCR Eastern Europe until third round of the championship at Tor Poznań. That kept him close to his main rival Groszek, who has 107 points. Semerád collected 100 points.

A bit far away in the standings is Milenko Vuković. Team owner and driver himself scored 72 points so far, including win in Austria. But two technical issues of his Renault Mégane costed him valuable points, so he is currently losing 35 points. However, he will have advantage in Balance of performance for Grobnik event. He lost his all-additional weight alongside Groszek. On the other hand, Semerád is going to carry 40 kilos weight. Petr Čížek, who currently sits fourth in the standings will have 30 kilos weight, fifth Václav Janík have to add 10 kilos weight to his Hyundai.

Grobnik event will be important for leading trio. Every point counts and any mistake on this circuit can end with big accident, as there aren´t many run off areas and the steel barriers are uncomfortably close.

Hyundai / Janik Motorsport meanwhile leads the Team´s standings, 40 points in front of Aditis Racing. Another 38 points behind is Vuković´s team Besagroup Vuković Motorsport. There is also classification for junior drivers and for racer with older car´s specification. Junior´s standing leads Semerád with big lead from Tomasz Rzepecki. Trophy standings belongs to overall championship contenders Groszek and Semerád.

The fourth event of the season at Grobnik will host two sprint races for 25 minutes. The first one is scheduled at 14.15 on Saturday, the second one at 11.30 on Sunday.

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