Borković about the 2020 season: I can´t be happier

Borković about the 2020 season: I can´t be happier

13. 12. 2020 0 News

Dušan Borković was absolutely dominant in the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season. He won in all eight races and became the champion. He provided an interview for us now. In it, for example, he evaluated the 2020 season or spoke about his future plans.

Dušan, the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season is over. You won in all eight races and became the champion in a dominant way. How would you evaluate the 2020 season?

It´s an amazing feeling. It´s a great encouragement in this year, which was difficult for all of us. Me and my team M1RA always worked very hard. We did our best and we took the perfect result. I can´t be happier.

When we made an interview before the last round of the season at Hungaroring, you said that the your best moment from the 2020 season is the very first race in Grobnik, Croatia. It is still a valid information? Or did the Hungaroring round change something?

I considered the first race and last race of the season as my best moments from this year. Especially, I liked the congratulations from the team on the radio when I crossed the finish line of the very last race at Hungaroring. I´m very grateful to M1RA Team. It is our big success.

You took the dominant victories in the first few races and became the big favourite very quicky. What is in the mind of racing driver, who is in that situation and only victories are expected from him? How difficult is it to stay focused?

I´m racing over 25 years. I experienced the seasons in which I was a favourite. But I had also seasons, in which I was an underdog. But I approached to all of them with the same professionalism and with the same goal –  to win. I´m a natural racing driver a I don´t calculate much. I just do what I know and I try to improve.

In Race 2 at Automotodrom Brno and in Race 1 at Hungaroring, you had a strong opponent in the opening phases – Milovan Vesnić. He passed you after the start and took the lead. What was in your mind in these situations, which were an unusual for you this year? Did you think that you can even be defeated?

Milovan Vesnić complicated the situation of Dušan Borković after the start of Race 1 at Hungaroring.

I wasn´t worried about going back to the lead. I had two bad starts, but I knew how to beat the mentioned opponent. I didn´t rush, but how you could see, it didn´t take a long time and I returned to the lead.

What do you think about Milovan Vesnić? How would you evaluate him as a racing driver and as a human?

I actually didn´t race much against him, because I was in front every time. But I don´t have a big opinion on him as a human. When he didn´t start at Slovakia Ring, his team blamed my team for it. I wouldn´t comment it further.

Did you progress in your decision about future in some way? Do you already have some idea where you will race in the 2021 season?

At the moment, it´s a difficult to make some exact decision because of the coronavirus situation. I will wait a little bit longer with the final decision. It will depend on the development of the coronavirus situation. This year, it was very difficult to get to every race weekend at all. And I know it will be he same next year. We will make the decision with my team in the upcoming weeks.

Now I have last question and try to be as right as possible please. What is the probability that you will race in TCR Eastern Europe also next year? Try to express it as a percentage, for example.

50% (he is smiling – editorial note).