Borković continues on a winning wave

Borković continues on a winning wave

23. 8. 2020 0 News ,

Dušan Borković won also in Race 2 at Slovakia Ring. Bence Boldizs took the second place and Sandro Soubek finished on the third position.

Dušan Borković wasn´t defeated also in Race 2 at Slovakia Ring. The Serbian driver of M1RA Racing showed another dominant performance and won after the start from pole position.

But we again saw a close battle for the second place. Sandro Soubek started from this position and he kept it also in the opening phase of the race.

But the Austrian experienced a disappointing end of the race. At first, he dropped behind Jáchym Galáš. Later, he was overtaken also by Bence Boldizs. Galáš crossed the line as a second. Bence Boldizs was third in the finish.

But it wasn´t the final form of results. After the race,  Jáchym Galáš was disqualified for violating the BoP rules and it was Bence Boldizs, who took the silver. The Hungarian achieved his first podium result in his TCR Eastern Europe career. Sandro Soubek was classified as third.

Szymon Jablonski originally crossed the line behind Soubek. But the Polish junior was excluded as Galáš. He also broke the BoP rules.

Ultimately, Michal Makeš was fourth and celebrated the victory among juniors. Petr Čížek was fifth, Gábor Kismarty-Lechner was sixth, Szymon Ladniak took his first six points in TCR Eastern Europe for seventh place, Lukasz Stolarczyk was eighth, Radim Adámek was ninth and Rene Martinek was tenth.

The second best driver from yesterday Dušan Kouřil jr. hadn´t a good day on Sunday. The Janík Motorsport driver started from the fourth place, but he dropped at the end of TOP 10 after Lap 1. Although he moved forward during the race, he retired in the end. Jakub Wyszomirski, Žarko Knego and Carol Wittke also didn´t finish.