Borković doesn´t lose his hunger for victories

Borković doesn´t lose his hunger for victories

18. 10. 2020 0 News ,

Although Dušan Borković secured the championship title already in Brno, he doesn´t rest on laurels and will try to add next victories at Hungaroring. He said it and much more in our interview.

Dušan, you are the certain champion of the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season, although one round still remain to the end. You won in all six races so far. Maybe it’s a stupid question, but how are you happy with this season? 

I will be happy when I will win the remaining two races (he laughs). But joking aside, I am very satisfied with the season. I am glad that I worked with M1RA racing and got in a very good racing shape. I have to give appreciation to TCR Eastern Europe and Mr Křenek for doing a great job throughout the season. I know that from one side it looks easy how I won all the races, but it was a great challenge for me not to lower my game and to keep pushing and winning all the races. I am of course always preparing for something that’s coming next and TCR Eastern Europe was a great championship to stay in the racing shape for me in this crazy COVID year.

What moment from this season do you consider as the absolute best? 

I would say the first race at Grobnik. I didn’t know what to expect and it was full of excitement because of it.


And do you have some moment, which do you consider as the worst in this season? 

Fortunately, with six wins there was no bad moments on the track, but there was a tension if I was going to even be able to make it to the race due to constantly changing COVID rules at various borders. Luckily, that all got sorted out, but it was stressful.

How do you rate the TCR Eastern Europe championship title? How would you compare it with other successes of your career?

This whole year didn’t settle yet in my mind. With all the challenges that COVID imposed on all of us, I am happy and grateful to TCR Eastern Europe to have been able to compete and to stay in a racing shape. I am of course proud that we didn’t just win the title, but also dominate. That will have a special place in my memory lane.

When we made an interview in summer, I asked you who from the current TCR Eastern Europe starting grid has the potential for the stellar future in the touring cars racing. You said you didn’t have a time to analyse your opponents and told me that if I will ask you on October, you may will be able to answer in a better way. So are you able to give me a better answer now? is there some driver from current TCR Eastern Europe grid who impressed you in some way? 

I would say that I see Soubek as having potential for a bright future. If I had closer racing moments with more of the guys, i would’ve been able to tell you more.


Do you have some idea about next season? Will you continue in TCR Eastern Europe or do you intend to go to other championship, for example back to TCR Europe? 

The spectrum for my decision is very wide. I love TCR platform, I also would like to try myself in GT races, Porsche Supercup or even rally. My team and I will make the decision along with our sponsors after Hungary and adapt our decision if needed in accordance to COVID developments.

The last round of this season will take place at Hungaroring. How do you like this circuit? And do you think you can took another two victories? 

I love Hungaroring, Hungary and all the people there. I am familiar with the track and I have many good memories from there. I know my M1RA team and I will try our best to do so.

At Hungaroring, Tomáš Pekař, the multiple champion of Renault Clio Cup category and winner from last year’s TCR Eastern Europe second race at Red Bull Ring, will return to the grid. Do you think that this driver could be a threat for you? 

Definitely, I am excited for a challenge.