Borković ended the season undefeated

Borković ended the season undefeated

25. 10. 2020 0 News ,

Dušan Borković wasn´t defeated even in the last race of the 2020 season and finished this campaign with 100% success. Jáchym Galáš finished second and became the Junior champion. Michal Makeš achieved his first podium result in TCR Eastern Europe thanks to the third place.

On Sunday, the last race of the 2020 TCR Eastern Europe season took place at Hungaroring. But already before the start, it was clear that this one will be different in a certain way. While all previous this year´s races were dry, the track for the second Hungarian battle was wet.

But although the conditions were not easy, it was nothing to stop Dušan Borković. The Serbian driver kept the first place in the opening phase and dominated after that. He achieved the victory also today. It means he finished the season without a single defeat and with the maximum possible amount of wins and points.

Jáchym Galáš repeated the second place from yesterday. The GT2 Motorsport driver started from the third place. But in Lap 3, he overtook Milovan Vesnić and he was unchallenged in the remainder of the race. Apart from the silver success, he could celebrate also the second Junior championship title of TCR Eastern Europe in a row.

But Galáš wasn´t only one Junior, who stayed on the podium on Sunday. Michal Makeš also overtook Milovan Vesnić shortly after Galáš did it and crossed the line as third. It was the premiere TOP 3 result in TCR Eastern Europe for the Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra driver.


Michal Makeš scored his first podium in TCR Eastern Europe.

Milovan Vesnić finished fourthn in the end. But he also didn´t have a reason to be sad, because he kept the vice-champion title in his hands. But Galáš managed to equalize him in terms of points. But more second places played in Vesnić´s favour.

Szymon Ladniak scored his best result in TCR Eastern Europe so far. He took the fifth place after a big battle with his countryman Szymon Jablonski. The BM Racing driver had to settle with the sixth position. Tomáš Korený, who debuted with the third place in TCR Eastern Europe yesterday, was seventh, Lukasz Stolarczyk was eighth, Radim Adámek was ninth and Sandro Soubek scored one point for the tenth position.

But it wasn´t race without troubles for Stolarczyk, Adámek and Soubek. The first two mentioned spun in Lap 1 and Soubek went into the pits in the final phase of the race. He finished the race with the loss of two laps after that.