Čížek will be focused especially on his own progress this season

Čížek will be focused especially on his own progress this season

5. 3. 2021 0 News ,

Petr Čížek provided an interview for us. How is he happy with last season? And what will he expect from the upcoming campaign? You can learn that and much more in interview.

Petr, you completed your first season with the brand new Cupra Leon Competición TCR car last year. After you finished fourth in the overall standings of 2019 season, you finished only 16th with 16 points last year. How do you evaluate last season?

Last season was affected by the fact it was my first season with new car. In fact, we were learning something new about the car and we were also repairing something during each race weekend. Actually, we had no support from Cupra. So we had to try and learn all the ways to set up the car ourselves. Everything culminated in Brno, where we had a big problem with a differential. It tightened on its own. I was like a mobile retarder in race after that, because my car wasn´t turning.

You will race for Fullinrace Academy this season again. What will be your ambitions for 2021 season? Do you believe your second season with Cupra Leon Competición TCR will be better than last season? Do you think you can achieve some podium results or even victories?

We started some way with Petr (Petr Fulín, team boss – editorial note). We are going on this way now and we hope next season will be breakthrough for us. We invested many hours in learning about the new Cupra during the tests at circuits. Our skilled mechanics dismantled the car to infinity. I think 2021 season should be a step forward in results, lap times and also in consistency. Podium result would be an icing on the cake. Maybe it will turn out.

Last season was first for Petr Čížek with Cupra Leon Competición TCR car.

How do you spent the off-season? Do you prepare to the new season in some way?

My friend from Košice told me ´tell the truth´. I do nothing. I´m lazy and I only lie in front of TV and in addition, I sit at the computer for a long time and round my back.

At what circuit will you have the biggest chances for the success? What do you think?

It´s hard to say. The Germans say ´das ist motorsport´. Everything can happen. First of all, I will be focused on my own progress at every circuit and good result will be only a bonus, which we will be happy to welcome in the team.

And on the contrary, at what circuit will it be the most difficult according to you?

Personally, I´m looking forward to every circuit. I will meet friends and meet also some new ones. Last but not least, I will drive a little there and maybe I will also race with someone.

TCR Eastern Europe will made its debut in Poznan, Poland this year. You already have some experience with this circuit from the past. How are you looking forward to racing there again?

I´m looking forward to Poznan, because it´s a very nice and cool way from Most to Poland. In Poland, you are driving even on a new highway. I know this circuit and personally, I quite like it. We raced there in Octavia Cup, a championship that no longer exist. So we can say I already have some experience with this circuit.

The 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season will bring several changes. For example, we will see reversed grid for Race 2 of each weekend, Hankook will become the new exclusive tire supplier or only 10 best results from 12 races will be counted. What do you think about these changes?

The reversed grid for Race 2 will be definitely a challenge for drivers from the middle of the field. At the same time, it will be also a nice task for the fastest drivers from Race 1. I think it´s a good step to increase the attractiveness of the races. Personally, I would like to compete in every race, so counting only ten best results will be the opportunity to delete the worst results for me. I don´t know Hankook tires at all, so I´m curious what we can expect from them.

Petr Čížek is positive in terms of reversed starting grid.

What´s your opinion on TCR Eastern Europe? What future will you expect for this championship? And would you like to stay in this series for a long time?

I think this championship is on a very good level. It´s constantly growing. Some young talents also race there. But the level of the rest of us is also quite growing. It looks like an equal and numerous grid. It looks like a series, that is constantly evolving in the right direction. The promoter does lots of steps that make sense. So it looks like the championship will exist for a long time. If family, health and finance allow it, I will race in TCR Eastern Europe.