From setback to comeback describes Bucsi’s second event in the Series

From setback to comeback describes Bucsi’s second event in the Series

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Meanwhile, Maťo Homola won Race 1, while Attila Bucsi dominated the second race of TCR Eastern Europe at Balaton Park. Although there were two different winning drivers, the brand remained the same—Hyundai. Will Homola’s Hyundai Elantra and Bucsi’s Hyundai i30 be the cars to watch?

Needless to say, Bucsi from M1RA Motorsport dominated both races. He crossed the finish line first in Race 1, but due to a jump start, he received a 10-second penalty and dropped to seventh place. That mistake cost him a lot.

For the second race, he managed the start much better. „Maybe I had a little bit of wheelspin, but that was not so crucial. From the second corner, I led the whole race and controlled the gap between me and Martin Kadlečík, so everything was just really fine,“ said Bucsi.

As Homola from Hyundai Janík Motorsport won the first race, he moved from tenth on the grid to third place in the second race. He had to deal with many cars in front of him and didn’t have time to close the big gap to second-place Kadlečík and first-place Bucsi, for whom it was the fourth start in TCR Eastern Europe and second win.

„I can’t tell you how happy I am compared to yesterday when the stewards gave me that penalty and I was just so angry at myself for losing the race for such a stupid reason.

„I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the team, who always trust me, and I think they have the most knowledge in the entire field about setting up the car. It’s not only my contribution that made us the fastest car on the circuit. And I think qualifying is not so representative; only the race is what matters, because at the end of the day, it’s the most important part of the race weekend. I led every lap of both races. I think after the first round, we can be very optimistic because we can see that our place is definitely among the fastest drivers in the field, so I’m just very optimistic and curious about what’s next.”