Fullinrace Academy prepares for the new season

Fullinrace Academy prepares for the new season

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The Czech Fullinrace Academy team led by Petr Fulín has three Cupra cars in the garage ready for the upcoming TCR Eastern Europe season. The question is, when the cars will be on the race track. „It’s hard to predict at the moment,“ says Petr Fulín.

The team’s line-up currently consists the German duo of Andreas Kohlert and Carol Wittke. Kohlert already tested with the team last year and is expected to be in full race mode this year. However, Fulín did not want to comment on when that would be.

„I don’t think we’ll race the whole season. Time and the workload of our drivers will answer everything,“ comments Petr Fulín the current situation, noting that team engineer Pavel Gellner also has Formula 3 championship commitments this year. And without Gellner, the Fullinrace Academy team would be hesitant to race. „I don’t want to half-do things, I grew out of it,“ says Fulín said. On a positive note, the TCR Eastern Europe and Formula 3 calendar only clashes in May when TCR Eastern Europe will be at the Red Bull Ring.

While the two Cupra cars are prepared for Kohlert and Wittke, the third Cupra does not yet have a driver. Could it be Petr Fulín himself, who drove at Most last year and dominated both races? „I would of course like to drive every weekend, but everything has a context that is difficult to predict,” tells Fulín.

The first race of the new TCR Eastern Europe season starts in just three weeks in Oschersleben.