Galáš aims for the overall TOP 3

Galáš aims for the overall TOP 3

17. 10. 2020 0 News ,

Jáchym Galáš wants to finish in the TOP 3 of overall standings. The GT2 Motorsport team driver revealed it and much more in our interview.

Jáchym, you scored 48 points in the previous three rounds and you are on the overall fourth place before the final round of the 2020 season at Hungaroring. How are you satisfied with the season so far?

This is not a bad result when I look at how many cars are competing this year. Of course, it could be even better if we didn´t get the unnecessary disqualification from the second race at Slovakiaring, which stoled me second place in the race and also second place in the overall standings. However, I still lead the junior championship and if they don´t cancel the round at Hungaroring, I will try to achieve the overall podium position.

Which moment from the past three rounds do you remember the most?

I enjoyed the most the first race on Masaryk Circuit, where I had a hard fight with Carol Wittke for the fifth place , which I finally managed to keep.


And which one do you remember the worst?

The worst moment for me was undoubtedly the already mentioned disqualification from the second place in the second race at Slovakiaring.

This year we can see more cars in the starting field than last year. In your opinion, did this increase affect the quality of racing in any way? How would you compare last year’s quality of racing with this year’s quality of racing?

The increase of drivers certainly increased the quality of racing. Every place has a much higher value than last year now, because it didn´t happen to me that I would drive in the race alone, but I had to constantly attack someone or defend myself from someone.

One of the cars that was added to the field was, among others, the second Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR of the GT2 Motorsport team, with which Szymon Ladniak races. How do you get on with your Polish teammate?

We have a good relationship with Szymon. We share both settings and data together, which helps us continue to move and find the ideal car settings faster.

And do you see any disadvantages of the fact that you have a teammate?

The only disadvantage that could occur is the fights on the track between teammates, which would slow down us. Fortunately, this didn´t happen so far, and I don´t think it will happen, because we understand it well enough to don´t do it.


How do you evaluate this year’s performances of your opponents? Did anyone please you? Or, for example, did you expect more from someone?

I was surprised by the already mentioned Carol Wittke, because he fights much more aggressively compared to last year, but still cleanly and fairly. Other such drivers are Bence Boldizs and Sandro Soubek, who, even though they race here for the first year there, are able to fight for podium positions.

Who is the most insidious in the fights this year?

Each of the drivers with whom I had a duel this year fought aggressively and I always had to do my best to win the battle. Unfortunately, I cannot say specifically which of them was the most insidious.

This year, Serbian driver Dušan Borković also competes in TCR Eastern Europe. He won all races so far and secured the championship title three races before the end of the season. Do you think that racing against a driver of such a format, who dominated the European Championship in the past or did starts in the World Championship, enriched you in some way? If so, how?

The racing against Borković did not enrich me in any special way, as he always had a margin already after first lap and he kept it safely untill the finish.


How are you confident before the Hungaroring round? What will be your ambitions?

At Hungaroring, I would like to be among the top three. As always, I will do my best to achieve this result.

In addition to the overall fourth place, you also lead in the junior standings, which you won last year. But especially Michal Makeš and Szymon Jablonski are very close to you. In addition, we still can´t rule out Dušan Kouřil Jr from this fight. Do you believe that you will be able to keep the first place?

I really believe that I could manage to keep the first place in the junior standings. My next goal is to get in the overall standings among the top three.

Do you already have any idea what you will do in 2021? Will we see you again in TCR Eastern Europe? And if so, will you race again for GT2 Motorsport team or will you race for other team? Or are you aiming for another series?

Next year, I will probably participate in TCR Eastern Europe series again. As I mentioned in previous interviews, my motorsport goal would be to drive in TCR Europe.