Grobnik hosts third virtual battle

Grobnik hosts third virtual battle

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Tuesday marks Round 3 of the TCR Eastern Europe Simracing virtual championship. The racing will take place at Grobnik, Croatia.

On Tuesday, July 14, the TCR Eastern Europe Simracing series continues. After Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring, drivers are now preparing to battle at Grobnik, Croatia.

The championship is currently led by Bartosz Groszek. The Polish driver had a great start of the season, taking 3 wins in just 4 races and he has 155 points.

Right behind the BTC Maszyny Racing driver is Miklas Born with 135 points. The Swiss driver of Team Autorama AG by Wolf-Power, who also leads the Junior championship, is still waiting to grab his first win of the season, that he would wish to add to his two 3rd place and one 2nd place finish.

Balint Hatvani from Unicorse team holds the 3rd place in the standings. The Hungarian driver has 121 points, thanks to two 2nd place finishes from the races at Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring.

However, there are more of those, who will try to entertain fans when racing at Grobnik. The previous two rounds have shown that a 3-time European champion Petr Fulín has the pace, just like Keijo Keke Platzer or Tomáš Korený, who is still the only driver to win a race apart from Groszek. The Czech driver has won the 2nd race at Austria.

Groszek and Korený victorious at virtual Austria

But let’s not forget also Jáchym Galáš or Žarko Knego. While Galáš has a good history at Grobnik as he took there his first-ever win in a real TCR Eastern Europe championship, Knego has the advantage of being local and he knows the track very well.

The whole event will start at 21:00 CEST with a qualifying, that is going to decide a grid for the first race. The best 10 drivers will be eligible for points. In both races then, top 15 drivers will score points. Also, the grid for the 2nd race will be decided by results of the 1st race, but with a reversed grid for the Top 12 drivers.