I will try to get my first victory as soon as possible, says Steibel

I will try to get my first victory as soon as possible, says Steibel

21. 5. 2021 0 News

Sebastian Steibel is on the third place in the championship standings after first two rounds of 2021 season at Hungaroring and Slovakiaring. And he will try to achieve his premiere victory in TCR Eastern Europe now. He revealed that and much more in our interview.

It´s your first season in TCR Eastern Europe. And you entered it very well. You are third in the championship standings after first two rounds. So how are you happy so far?

I´m very happy at the moment. When I entered TCR Eastern Europe, i have never thought I will be in this position after the second round.

Last year, you didn´t race anywhere. So was it difficult to get used to racing again for you?

You notice it a little when you don’t drive a race car for a year. At Hungaroring, we had minor difficulties with the car and I had to find my way back into the car and gain confidence.

Sebastian Steibel returned to racing after one year long break this season. Photo: Petr Frýba

What do you think about TCR Eastern Europe championship and what future do you expect for this series?

I think the series has a great potential because it´s integrated into the ESET Cup Series. Drivers can grow up in series like Twingo Cup or Clio Cup and move up to the TCR. TCR Eastern Europe is a great racing series and will continue getting bigger.

In the past, you raced in ADAC TCR Germany. Can we find any aspects, in which TCR Eastern Europe is better than ADAC TCR Germany?

I think both series are very strong and equal. It was great for me to drive on many German circuits within TCR Germany, but I also like the challenge of getting to know new tracks with TCR Eastern Europe.

You are a member of ESET Race Star project for talented drivers this season. What do you think about this project and how does it help you?

The ESET Race Star project helps us a lot to drive there, which would not be possible without the support. With this support, the financial effort is feasible for me as it is very difficult to get general financial support. I also hope that we will be able to exchange experiences with other drivers in the project better as soon as situation allows so that I can get support and even be able to support other drivers.

Sebastian Steibel races with the support of ESET Race Star project. Photo: Petr Frýba

The next TCR Eastern Europe round will take place in Poznan, Poland on June. What do you expect from yourself there?

Poznan is still a completely unknown to me. However, I try to prepare for it as best as I can. Of course, I would like to continue my success from Slovakiaring.

What do you expect in the remainder of the season? Do you think you can join the championship fight or achieve your first victory, for example?

I will do everything I can to be as successful as possible and to get involved in the championship. After the two podiums in Slovakia, I will try to get my first victory as soon as possible.

Tomáš Pekař and Michal Makeš are ahead of you in the championship standings now. What do you think about these two drivers?

Sebastian Steibel and Tomáš Pekař (in the picture) have a very good relationship. Photo: Petr Frýba

I already know Tomáš from Clio Cup and Octavia Cup and I really appreciate him. He is an excellent driver and it`s always fun to race with him. Tomáš is also a good friend. We support each other and also spend nice time together. I’ve only known Michal since the beginning of the season, but he’s also a fast and very fair driver. I´m looking forward to more exciting fights on the track.

Why the fans should watch TCR Eastern Europe also in the remainder of the season according to you?

For the rest of the season, more exciting races with tough but fair battles can be expected. I hope that there will be soon possibilities for fans to get on track so that they can experience motorsport up close.

Can you imagine you will race in TCR Eastern Europe long-term?

I feel very comfortable in TCR Eastern Europe. Everybody is really nice. You are immediately accepted into the community and everyone is helpful. If there is a possibility, I will be very happy to drive there long-term.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba