I would like to be in front as much as possible, says Fulín jr.

I would like to be in front as much as possible, says Fulín jr.

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Petr Fulín jr. started his racing career in single-seaters. At the beginning, he raced with Formula Gloria car of Křenek Motorsport team. Later, we could see him also in Twingo Cup races, Octavia Cup or in FIA ETCC. Among other things, he was successful also in Junior Star competition. He finished third in 2016 there. Now, he will make his debut in TCR Eastern Europe. The son of three-time FIA ETCC champion Petr Fulín will race at Hungaroring for Horňák-Aditis team within ESET Race Star project. Now, he provided an interview for us.

You will make his debut in TCR Eastern Europe this season. You will compete in the opening round at Hungaroring. You will sit behind the wheel of Audi RS 3 LMS TCR car of Horňák-Aditis team within ESET Race Star project. How are you looking forward to your debut in TCR Eastern Europe?

I´m looking forward so much. It will be first races after a long rest for me, so it will be a disadvantage for me a little bit. But my plan is to enjoy it and I hope I will do well.

ESET Race Star

What will be your ambitions? What result will be satisfactory for you?

It´s hard to say what to expect. I didn´t sit behind the wheel for a long time, so I´m a little bit nervous. I know Hungaroring, but the car will be something new for me. Obviously, I would like to be in front as much as possible, but I don´t dare to estimate an exact result.

What do you think about TCR Eastern Europe? What is the best about this series according to you?

It´s a well-done championship. The grid is growing and lots of interesting names are appearing there. It will be nice races and I´m looking forward to it.

Horňák-Aditis will deploy two cars in 2021 season

Last time, you raced in 2018 in Octavia Cup. Now, you will race after a three-year rest and in addition, with TCR car. So are you worried it will be difficult at the beginning?

Yes, of course, I´m worried. But it´s a challenge and it would be a shame not to try. I hope I will get used to the car as soon as possible.

Last time, Petr Fulín jr. raced in Octavia Cup during 2018 season. Photo: OC Race

How do you prepare to the opening round? Do you plan any testing on the circuit before the opening round, for example?

Probably, I will prepare only on the simulator. It would be nice if I will be able to do also some testing, but unfortunately, it´s complicated because of the current situation. I hope the preparation on the simulator will be enough.

Your father is three-time European champion in touring cars racing Petr Fulín. Among other things, he raced also in FIA WTCC or in FIA WTCR. So did you ask him or will you ask him for any advice before your debut in TCR Eastern Europe?

There will be time for advice during the race weekend and I think I will need some advices. I believe my dad will be there for me and I will definitely use it.

Your father also acts in TCR Eastern Europe. He is a team boss of Fullinrace Academy. Carol Wittke and Petr Čížek will again race for this team in 2021 season. How will the racing against the team of your father be? If you fight against Čížek or Wittke on the circuit, will it be different from other drivers in any way, at least consciously?

I don´t think so. I have already gone through similar concerns, but you don´t have a time for concerns like these behind the wheel.

Petr Čížek and Carol Wittke will race for Fullinrace Academy this year again. Photo: Fullinrace Academy

You were confirmed only for Hungaroring round so far. But are you interested also in more starts in TCR Eastern Europe?

Obviously, I hope Hungaroring won´t be my only race weekend where I will race this year. But the rest of the season is still open for me. We will see how we will do in first round.

In the past, you raced against your father in FIA ETCC and in Octavia Cup. Would you like to repeat that in TCR Eastern Europe?

I´d rather wait until I will complete a few race weekends. But of course, It´s a challenge and I hope we will do it again one day.

Opening photo: OC Race