Introducing circuits of the 2023 season – Brno

Introducing circuits of the 2023 season – Brno

7. 2. 2023 0 News ,

Automotodrom Brno will be the final event of the TCR Eastern Europe again. The famous Brno circuit was missing in last year´s calendar, but now it´s back, exactly from 9th to 10th September.

Automotodrom Brno, also known as Masaryk Circuit, has more than ninety years tradition. The first races took place on the almost thirty-kilometre route near Brno since 1930. Grand Prix cars appeared in Brno seven times in the 1930s period. In 1949, the Formula 1 race was held on the Masaryk Circuit for the first and last time, and then motorcyclists got the main word. Czechoslovakian Grand Prix became part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing in 1965, and with two short breaks, this tradition lasted until 2020.

Masaryk road course existed between 1930 and 1986. From the original thirty kilometres, the track shortened over the years to almost eleven kilometres. In addition to the motorcycle grand prix, the circuit also hosted the European Touring Car Championship.

In 1987, a modern car racetrack was opened, which is still as raced today. Except for the modified pitlane entrance, which was originally in the last turn, the track profile did not change. Only the safety elements for the racers changed, as well as the background of the entire circuit, which underwent extensive modernization in the second half of the 1990s.