Introducing the new series F-DRIVE CUP

Introducing the new series F-DRIVE CUP

14. 9. 2023 0 News

Amateur and professional racers can look forward to the new circuit series F-DRIVE Cup starting from the upcoming 2024 season, offering exciting racing on circuits in Central Europe at reasonable costs.

The idea of establishing a circuit championship had been brewing in the energy drink company F-Drive for three years. Gaining support from the Automobile Club of the Czech Republic and Josef Křenek set in motion a series of events that led to the birth of F-DRIVE CUP.

“We aim to offer racers of all levels an affordable championship with attractive prizes and solid media support,” says Gustav Niedelský, co-founder of F-DRIVE energy drinks.

“The calendar will consist of seven events at the Autodrom Most (3x), Slovakia Ring (2x), Pannonia Ring, and other circuits that are still under negotiation. It will be a one-day event with a maximum price of 380 euros for the entire race day,” Niedelský outlines the calendar for next year.

“The racing cars will be divided into categories based on engine size, namely up to 1600 cc, up to 2000 cc, up to 3000 cc, and above. Many racers and teams have Clio cup cars at their disposal, so if there are enough of them, we can create a separate group for them. TCR cars and, of course, formula cars will also have the opportunity to participate,” Niedelský discusses the division of categories.

F-DRIVE CUP is endorsed by the Automobile Club of the Czech Republic and will be held under the so-called Czech Trophy. Racers will require at least a national license to participate, which can be obtained at an acceptable price.

“We also prioritize safety, and cars must have a roll cage and other standard requirements. On the other hand, we understand that preparing a racing car to meet safety standards is financially demanding, so we have made certain compromises. Of course, not to an extreme extent. It’s about staying within certain safety boundaries,” Niedelský emphasizes. You can find more details on the website

Most of the races will take place in the middle of the working week, while the opening and closing events of the season are scheduled for Sundays. The composition of the race day will be as follows: two practice sessions, qualifying, and a 25-minute sprint race with a rolling start. In Slovakia, there will be an additional practice session and race. On the other hand, the visit to the Hungarian Pannonia Ring will be a two-day event, with the total cost not exceeding 520 euros.

“In connection with the race in Hungary, we thought that since the drivers will travel such a distance, we’ll stay there for an extra day and fully enjoy Hungary. We will prepare a buffet with Hungarian specialties and similar activities. In short, it will be a great time,” Niedelský explains.

F-Drive Cup ensures proper organization and prepares exciting prizes for the winners. For example, original glass trophies and wellness stays are among the rewards that racers can look forward to. Media support is not forgotten either, with planned coverage on the television stations A11 and O2 TV Sport.

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