It was a very good season, said Soubek

It was a very good season, said Soubek

23. 10. 2020 0 News ,

Sandro Soubek provided a short interview for us before the weekend´s round at Hungaroring. Among other things, he marked his season as a very good.

Sandro, you are a rookie in TCR Eastern Europe this season. But you got used to a new car very quickly. You achieved three podiums out of four races and you are third in the overall standings despite that you won´t race in the opening round. How are you happy with the season so far?

The season was a very good. There are a lot of cars in TCR Eastern Europe. But I will not race in Hungary, because there is no money left for racing in this season.

What moment from this TCR Eastern Europe season was your best?

The best moment was the first lap of Race 1 in Brno.

The final round of the 2020 season will take place on October 24-25 at Hungaroring. Do you think that someone can stop the winning streak of Dušan Borković there?

It is time for someone to beat Borković. It is not good for the championship when one guy wins every race. I think if Pekař would drives a Hyundai, he would catch Borković, but it will be difficult with his Cupra.

Tomáš Pekař would be able to beat Dušan Borković with the equal technique according to Sandro Soubek. Photo: Carpek Racing/Petr Frýba

What´s your plans for the 2021 season? Will we see you in TCR Eastern Europe again?

Yes, we will see you next year.