Jáchym Galáš is the winner after Homola’s penalty

The second race of TCR Eastern Europe at Hungaroring offered exciting battles for first position – and even a penalty, which handed the victory over to Hyundai / Janík Motorsport driver Jáchym Galáš, who had started from 16th place.

A reversed starting grid from the previous race results meant that Radim Adámek and Sanel Cehic started from the front row. Behind them were Tomasz Rzepecki and Sebastian Steibel. Starting from the third row were Petr Čížek and Levente Losonczy. The fourth row belonged to Petr Semerád and Milenko Vuković and, starting from the fifth row, was Maťo Homola and, winner of the first race, Bartosz Groszek.

Radim Adámek from Aditis Racing team held the lead for a couple of corners, in front of Sebastian Steibel (Steibel Motorsport). Milenko Vuković from Besagroup Vukovic Motorsport had a great start again and tried to move up as soon as possible. The fight for the lead was rough and fast, Tomasz Rzepecki (Basenhurt A&T Racing) took the lead for just a moment, and then Vuković moved into the lead during the second lap. Meanwhile, Radim Adámek and Levente Losonczy had an accident on the backstretch.

Rzepecki wasn’t able to keep two Hyundai cars behind his back, and Petr Semerád and Maťo Homola soon passed him. The two teammates from Hyundai / Janík Motorsport had a battle for second position for a while, but Homola then passed Semerád and began to chase Vuković, who was in first position.

Homola was clearly faster, but Vuković was able to stay in the lead, thanks to a better top speed. Homola then went for the pass in a section of the track that really isn’t a good place to make a manoeuvre. He made contact with Vuković, who then dropped into fourth place.

Homola came to the finish in first position, but was penalised for the accident and dropped to sixth position. Jáchym Galáš, who started from last place on the grid, inherited the win in front of Petr Semerád and Milenko Vuković.

Finishing outside of podium places were Bartosz Groszek in fourth, Tomasz Rzepecki in fifth, and Maťo Homola in sixth. Petr Čížek and Carol Wittke, the two teammates from Fullinrace Academy, finished seventh and eighth. Ninth position was taken by Sebastian Steibel and the last points finish belonged to the former TCR Eastern Europe champion, Milovan Vesnić.

Jáchym Galáš also won the Junior category in front of Petr Semerád and Tomasz Rzepecki. The TCR Eastern Europe Trophy was won by Petr Semerád, second was Bartosz Groszek, and third was Tomasz Rzepecki.

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