Junior championship title battle is still wide open

The remaining two rounds of the season are going to offer a very intense battle for the junior championship title as it is incredibly close between all favourites.

Jáchym Galáš did not have many reasons to smile after the Slovakia Ring. In the opening race of the weekend, the GT2 Motorsport driver held 2nd place, but then he dropped to 8th after an error. While Jáchym managed to gain three places back, it still was not good enough and he finished in 5th position.

The Czech driver was fighting for a podium on Sunday as well. And while he indeed crossed the finish line in 2nd place, he was later disqualified due to the BoP rules infringement and he lost all 18 points.

Despite all that bad luck, Galáš remains on the top of the junior standings. He leads with 32 points, but now the championship situation is suddenly much more dramatic.

Galáš now leads by only 6 points ahead of Dušan Kouřil jr. from Janík Motorsport and Autoklub of the Czech Republic. While for Kouřil jr. the season started a bit inconspicuously with 7th and 9th place finishes at Grobnik, it was a different story at Slovakia Ring. While he did not finish the race on Sunday, just a day before he took 2nd place and he jumped ahead of Michal Makeš in the junior standings.

Dušan Kouřil jr. is the second best junior driver after Slovakia Ring round.

Makeš from Mičánek Motorsport powered by Buggyra team is now 3rd, but he is only 10 points behind Galáš, and he also had a very strong pace at Slovakia Ring. On Sunday, he took the 4th place finish.

Polish drivers Szymon Jablonski and Szymon Ladniak also had a reason to be happy. Both drivers scored their first points of the season, with Jablonski finishing in 4th place and Ladniak crossing the finish line in 7th position. But Jablonski almost got an even better result. In Race 2, he originally finished in 5th place, but just like Galáš, he was later disqualified due to the BoP rules infringement.

So, after two events, Jablonski is currently 4th in the Junior championship standings with 12 points, while Ladniak holds 5th place with 6 points.