Karklys is considering a participation in TCR Eastern Europe

Karklys is considering a participation in TCR Eastern Europe

15. 7. 2021 0 News

Jonas Karklys is considering a possibility of appearance in TCR Eastern Europe. We could see him in this championship already this season.

You moved to the TCR scene this year. You race with Hyundai i30 N TCR of your own team NordPass in ADAC TCR Germany. How do you enjoy racing with a TCR car?

Racing with a TCR car is a further step in my career and I really enjoy driving Hyundai i30 N TCR. There are plenty of new things with this type of car for our team. We are learning how to adjust it correctly and how to achieve the right balance. The car itself is really nicely designed – the aerodynamics, power, gearbox and other parts are really great. The competition is also strong, so I am happy to be there.

When we spoke before the start of the season, you didn´t rule out the possibility you will also race in TCR Eastern Europe this season. So how does it look like now? Is it possible we will see you in TCR Eastern Europe in the remainder of the season? Three rounds remain to the end of the season. TCR Eastern Europe will race in Grobnik, at Slovakiaring and in Brno…

Before the season, it looked like it would be a bit easier to maintain the car and participate in both championships. But the reality is different. This type of class requires much more time compared to Clio racing because there is a lot of work between races. What is more, we also had only two races in ADAC TCR Germany this year, so five more race weekends are ahead of us. We have to keep focusing on this championship. On the other hand, I really love racing and always look for the opportunity to sit into the car and race. I know that Grobnik is not an option for us this year, but we will definitely consider Slovakiaring and Brno.

Jonas Karklys is not rulling out the possibility he will race in TCR Eastern Europe this year. Photo: NordPass

What will be your ambitions if you compete in TCR Eastern Europe? Do you believe you can fight for the victories with your Hyundai i30 N TCR?

If we decide to come to one or another event in TCR Eastern Europe, it would definitely be a great challenge for us. It’s hard to say how strong we could be there, because there are plenty of fast drivers. We also don’t have an experience with Hankook tires.

Among other things, you raced for Carpek Service or for Fullinrace Academy teams in the past. Both teams race in TCR Eastern Europe now. So how would you look forward to racing against Carpek Service and its team boss Tomáš Pekař or against Fullinrace Academy team again?

I really like both teams and all the guys in those groups. I learned a lot from Petr Fulín, as well as Tomáš Pekař. It was also really nice to compete against Petr Čížek in Octavia Cup a couple of years ago. It would be a huge pleasure to race against them because we are only competitors on the track, but after the race, we are good friends. It would actually also be nice to race together in one or another team again.

What do you think about the TCR Eastern Europe championship?

I think it’s a really good and well organized championship. Circuits are really well chosen, there are quick guys on the track, fast cars. I really recommend everyone to come to race there. I hope I can join at least a couple of races in the near future.

Do you follow the 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season? If so, what do you think about the development of this season?

Of course. I watch every race on YouTube. I always wish all the best for my friends who compete in this championship, so it’s really interesting to follow racing events. I think TCR Eastern Europe steps forward every year and even if Dušan Borković is not competing anymore, the organiser brought Tomáš Pekař to the field.

Among other things, Jonas Karklys raced for Carpek Service team of Tomáš Pekař in the past. Photo: Petr Frýba

Who will become the 2021 TCR Eastern Europe champion according to you?

I wish that the best driver would win this championship. It will be interesting to watch the following races and see who is going to be the fastest one. Of course, if Tomáš Pekař wins, I won’t be disappointed.

Do you consider that you will participate in TCR Eastern Europe also during the 2022 seaso full-time or at least part-time?

I will definitely consider this opportunity, but we need to finish the 2021 season first.

Opening photo: NordPass