Kouřil doesn´t rule out staying

Kouřil doesn´t rule out staying

10. 3. 2020 0 News ,

Dušan Kouřil provided an interview for our website. Among other things, he didn´t rule out staying here.

Dušan, last year you had your first-ever season with a TCR category car. And it went quite well. You took 2 wins and you’ve finished in the 3rd place in the final standings. How would you describe the 2019 season?

It’s like 50:50. There were some great moments, but also moments I’d rather forget.

Which moment would you describe as your favourite one? And which one was the worst?

I don’t think I have any especially amazing moment and the same applies for the bad ones, I don’t think that I’d mark any of them as the worst one.

You’ve switched to Hyundai i30 N TCR after a season with FIAT Punto S1600 in which you won the MMČR and FIA CEZ championships in D4-1600 category. How would you compare both cars? And how difficult was it to adapt to a new car?

To be honest, I don’t think it was such a big change. Actually, FIAT and TCR cars are quite similar, apart from a bigger force that‘s pushing you into a driver’s seat. I’d even say that the FIAT is a smaller WTCC car.


In the last season, you didn’t race only with drivers of your age, but also some much more experienced drivers like Milovan Vesnič. You also faced a very experienced competition at the FIA Motorsport Games in Vallelunga, with drivers like Tom Coronel, Maťo Homola or Gilles Magnus. Do you think you have learnt something from them?

Sure. But I’ve especially realised that I need to make some changes for the next season.

Speaking of experienced drivers, do you have any racing idols? In touring cars or even other racing series?

Most definitely my father with my grandfather.

Let’s return to the FIA Motorsport games again. You have managed to make your mark there, especially in the opening race, where you finished in the 5th place. How are you going to remember that weekend?

I’ll definitely remember that weekend. It’s a very important moment, a moment of truth, that has answered my question whether I can or cannot do it.

What are your career ambitions? Do you have any dreams?

My primary goal is to become a factory driver within the next two years and to race in one of the more prestigious GT3 series. Then, I’d love to move to the WEC series with the same manufacturer. To be honest, I’ve realised already in 2015 that I’m more drawn by endurance racing rather than sprints.

And now – what are your plans for the next season? Are you going to continue in this championship? What about international races or the FIA Motorsport Games event that is now moving to Paul Ricard in France?

That’s still quite far away, so let’s wait and see. But my priority is to get a factory drive. I’d rather try to achieve that than to continue in the same series. But, if I get a chance, I’d be happy to race here.