Latvian team LV Racing prepares for debut in TCR Eastern Europe

Latvian team LV Racing prepares for debut in TCR Eastern Europe

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The highly successful LV Racing team has won many races and championships in the Baltic States. The team has dominated the Baltic Touring Car Championship in the last three years and, as team boss Lauris Vigants says, it is time to take on another challenge. This year it will be TCR Eastern Europe.

Your headquarter is in Latvia, so what brings you to TCR Eastern Europe?
It’s the level of competition regarding passionate rivalry between such a significant number of drivers. Moreover, it’s genuinely attractive that this racing event is held at various locations across Eastern Europe. We have just won the BaTCC (Baltic Touring Car Championship 2020,2021,2022) and want to continue and test our strength in more significant events, and TCR Eastern Europe is just what we need. After all, who knows? Perhaps LV Racing is what TCR Eastern Europe needs to make the vibe even more competitive.

You have been in partnership with Audi Sport for three years and as you mentioned, winning Baltic Touring Car Championship for three years in the row with Valter Zviedris and Ivars Vallers. Does it mean you are looking for the new challenge in TCR EE?
Yes, indeed – TCR Easter Europe is an advanced and splendid racing event we are certainly looking forward to. Instead of limiting challenges, LV Racing is undoubtedly eager to challenge its limits. In hindsight, the impressive performance in last year’s FIA Motorsport Games hosted by Circuit Paul Richard confirmed that we are not slow.

How many races are you planning to do in TCR EE and who will be the driver?
We plan to do an entire season in TCR EE with a second-generation Audi. The driver will be Ivars Vallers, the current BaTCC TCR champion. Also, we plan to participate in the 1006 km endurance championship in Palanga (Lithuania), which is the largest endurance race in the Baltic States and is sometimes compared to Baltic “Le Mans”, and one 6hours endurance race in Estoni, Parnu at Porsche Ring during Baltic Touring Car Championship 2023 .

How do you prepare for the TCR EE and specific track, where you have never started? Does Audi Sport offer you a support?
As the saying goes, if you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough. So, every new track for us is a hands-on experience to learn how to become faster and stronger as a team. Our drivers do a lot of advanced SIM racing to get used to the track and to sharpen overall racecraft. Also, the experience and skills gained over the years serve as an invaluable foundation for progress. To maintain and advance his racing skills, Ivars Vallers participates in 24H Series that provides priceless insight into racing know-how in more challenging racing tracks. Regarding Audi Sport, they always manage to support us to extract the maximum performance out of our car, driver, and team. Extensive thanks to Mr. Detlef Schmidt for his always-present assistance.

What do you think about your chances in TCR EE? What results would make you satisfied?
Quite honestly, LV Racing works earnestly, and when our performance succeeds, it’s a tribute to all the preparatory work we have done so far. We are confident that we can compete with top drivers and teams in this TCR series. The goal is to be among the TOP 5 in the first season. However, no one remembers who came in second. So, we never settle for anything less than our best possible performance. Overall, we genuinely believe TCR Eastern Europe is the best playground to hone our racing skills to perfection.

Tell us something about LV Racing. How old is the team? How big is and how many cars do you have? What success did you achieved during those year?
Although LV Racing is a new brand (founded in 2019), the team existed for many years before that. Ten core team members are trustworthy and experienced racing professionals. LV Racing owns Audi RS3 LMS TCR GEN2, two BMW 325 CUP cars, one BMW E92 RX3000 class rallycross car and one VW BEATLE B2000 class rallycross car. All in all, LV Racing has won such titles as BaTCC BMW 325 Cup 2022, Latvian BMW 325 Cup 2022, BaTCC TCR in 2022, 2021, 2020, also BaTCC Team 2021, BaTCC Endurance 6H Race 2020. Moreover, despite the challenges arising from unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic years, LV Racing kept calm and raced on. So, the won titles and overcome challenges by LV Racing speak for themselves.

And which success make you most proud of?
Our performance in last year’s FIA Motorsport Games at Circuit Paul Richard unquestionably made us proud and showed that we could compete among the best.

You mentioned FIA Motorsport games, where you participated with Valter Zviedris. How do you rate such an event? Do you think it´s good for the sport?
FIA Motorsport Games gave us a real sense of the Olympic Games of motorsports. It was not only about speed and excitement about the great track, but it served as an excellent platform for networking with other teams. It was the highlight of the year!