Martinek to race at Slovakia Ring

Martinek to race at Slovakia Ring

30. 7. 2020 0 News ,

Rene Martinek is returning to the TCR Eastern Europe championship, he will race in the next round at Slovakia Ring. And his team RTM Motorsport is also going to race at Brno. The Austrian driver has unveiled that and even more in this interview.

Rene, you will be coming back to the TCR Eastern Europe with your own RTM Motorsport team at Slovakia Ring. How are you feeling about it?

I and my team are really delighted to be racing again. It’s been a long time since our last start, especially in the last few months.

What car are you going to race with? Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR again?

Yes, I’ll be racing with my Golf GTI TCR.

What are your ambitions for Slovakia Ring? In your last race in the TCR Eastern Europe, that took place in Brno last year, you finished 6th twice. But this year, the starting grid is much bigger…

I don’t have high expectations. I really like Slovakia Ring, because it’s a challenging track. But because my budget is lower this year, I wouldn’t expect us to fight for the top places.

Are you going to be the only RTM Motorsport driver at Slovakia Ring? Or will there be another car? Last year, you had Maciej Laszkiewicz…

Yes, I’ll be the only driver at Slovakia Ring.

What about races at Brno and Hungaroring? Do you plan to try different drivers? There are some rumours that Antonio Citera should race for you in Brno…

Indeed, Citera will race for us in Brno. And we hope to raise enough money to race at Hungaroring as well.

Did you watch the opening round of the season at Grobnik? What are your thoughts and expectations for this year’s season? Who can win the championship? Can Borkovič win even more races or is there going to be a strong competition? If so, who that might be?

Yes, I watched the live coverage. I think it was really exciting. It was nice to watch and it worked perfectly. I think that Borkovič is going to win the championship. I’ve known him for a while, he also used to do hill climbing races and he was there quick too. His biggest rivals will be Vesnič a Galáš.

What do you think about TCR Eastern Europe? How would you compare it to other series, where you used to race in the past? What future does it have?

The TCR Eastern Europe is a great championship, with reasonable pricing and a professional organisation. I can’t compare too much though. I went directly from hill climbing to the ESET Cup. However, I feel very comfortable around here.

title photography: RTM Motorsport