Maťo Homola wins at Red Bull Ring in an intense battle

Maťo Homola wins at Red Bull Ring in an intense battle

18. 5. 2024 0 News , ,

Maťo Homola from the Hyundai Janík Motorsport team won the opening race at Red Bull Ring after an action-packed 25 minutes on the track, as he fought with his teammate Adam Kout, Attila Bucsi from M1RA Motorsport, and René Kircher from Mertel Motorsport throughout first half of the race.

Bucsi had a great start, but Ghermandi was even better at the green lights, attacking Bucsi towards the third turn. Homola was close behind, with René Kircher in fourth, Ivars Vallers in a great fifth place, and Kout in sixth.

Ghermandi tried hard to take the lead, keeping pressure on the Hungarian leader. However, Ghermandi made a small mistake, and Homola made a move on the start-finish line. Ghermandi closed the door in the first turn, and Homola made contact with him. Ghermandi dropped positions, while Homola moved up to second. No further action was taken by the race stewards regarding the incident.

The order was Bucsi, Homola, Kout, and Kircher, who was defending his position from Ghermandi. From the fourth lap, Homola began to put Bucsi under pressure, preparing to attack the leader. At the same time, Kout was close behind, so the leading trio put on a great show for the spectators. Their constant fighting allowed René Kircher to close the gap, making it a four-way battle for the win.

A three-wide for the third turn changed the order, with Homola taking the lead from Adam Kout and Attila Bucsi. Towards the end, the race calmed down a bit. Homola held the lead, with Kout less than a second behind. With a two-second gap, Bucsi was defending his third place from Kircher and succeeded at the finish. Kircher crossed the line in fourth, with Ghermandi fifth. Davit Kajaia finished sixth, and Žarko Knego, Ivars Vallers, Jiří Zbožínek, and Vít Smejkal rounded out the top ten.