Michal Makeš: Champ after four seasons at race tracks

Michal Makeš: Champ after four seasons at race tracks

23. 12. 2021 0 News , ,

Last race of the six-event series TCR Eastern Europe decided about this year’s winner. Michal Makeš won the dramatic battle on the Masaryk Circuit in Brno. The driver of the Mičánek Motorsport team powered by Buggyra defeated Tomáš Pekař (Carpek Servise) by only four points. He also became the best junior

„I have raced on the circuits for four years, so it was wonderful to win the TCR Eastern Europe Championship. I am even more pleased to win championship in a duel with such a experienced driver as Tomáš Pekař, who have done so many races with front-wheel drive cars. It was not easy. We completed a dramatic season in which Tomáš won three of the first four races. On the other hand, I was more successful in the second part of the season, when the team’s perfect work on the car helped to achieve great results.

After last year’s fourth place, did you believe that you can win the championship?
No, I learned a lot in my debut TCR season, but I didn’t expect to be able to fight for the title. Tomas had a great start to the series. But mine wasn´t bad either and unlike him, I did not have any technical problems with the car. I realized that I can race with him on equal terms. So I pushed more. Unfortunately I crossed the line in Grobnik. I underestimated the first section of the circuit, which leads downhill with an difficult right and left turn. I should have braked earlier. I made a mistake and apologized, however the reaction of many fans wasn´t pleasant, but I had to move on. The final event in Brno was very exciting. I had decent points lead, but Tomas was still in the game for the title. I focused on not making a mistake. I’m happy it worked out.

Michal, what are your racing plans now?
We successfully completed the two-year project. So we have already started preparing for the new season. Given our financial means, I expect to continue in TCR Eastern Europe, but I would like to have a new car. Our old Cupra is no longer fast enough.

How do you manage to study at university with racing and, of course, your own training?
I have no problem with that. I divide all my time between university studies, work in a family business and prepare for racing. If I want to race, I have to sacrifice some things.