Miro Horňák does not rule out a partial return to TCR

Miro Horňák does not rule out a partial return to TCR

10. 1. 2022 0 News ,

Last year, Miro Horňák took part in one TCR Eastern Europe race. It was a home race at Slovakia Ring and he liked the experience with a balanced starting field so much that he would like to fight for points again this year.

During the home race at SlovakiaRing last year, you participated in the TCR Eastern Europe race within the ESET RaceSTAR program. You finished at 6th and 7th place. How do you rate this race and the TCR Eastern Europe Championship?
I enjoyed the race, the equally matched drivers and technology gives this championship a unique adrenaline that can be experienced by drivers, teams but also spectators.

During your racing career so far, you have tried all types of race cars and participated in many championships. Which one do you remember the most?
I’ve always enjoyed cup car racing. Because there you can show a true potential. The technique is maximally equal, so the result has a greater value for me as a driver. Despite the fact that TCR Eastern Europe is a championship in which there is a duel of manufactures, the balance of racing cars and the setting of rules ensures attractiveness and tension throughout the weekend.

Which of your successes would you call the best?
I would probably like to remember 1993. I was 11 years old. I rode minicars and it was the European Championships in Switzerland. I finished in 5th place. It was the first time I represented Slovakia. And I’m proud of that.

What plans do you have for the future, is it possible that we will see you again behind the wheel of a race car in the new season?
Team Horňák – Aditis will fight in the TCR Easter Europe championship this season as well. And I do not rule out that I would fight for some points in some selected events.