Most podiums for Vesnić

Most podiums for Vesnić

1. 12. 2020 0 News

Milovan Vesnić holds the record for the most podiums in the TCR Eastern Europe series history. The Serbian driver leads the statistics ahead of Jáchym Galáš. The 3rd place belongs to Dušan Kouřil jr. and Dušan Borković.

Recently, we looked at the most wins in the history of the TCR Eastern Europe series. Now, we focus on the most podiums.

While Dušan Borković has the most wins to his name, in case of podium finishes, the 1st place belongs to another Serbian. Milovan Vesnić, the 2019 champion and the 2nd best driver of the 2020 season managed to take 11 podium finishes in TCR Eastern Europe series.

But he does not have a safe lead in this statistic. Jáchym Galáš sits in 2nd place, right behind him, with one less podium. The Czech driver has spent the past two seasons of the TCR Eastern Europe series with GT2 Motorsport team and in both years, he ranked among the fastest drivers. While he finished 2nd in the 2019 season, he took 3rd place overall in the 2020. But in both years, he managed to win the Junior championship title.

Jáchym Galáš scored ten podiums in his TCR Eastern Europe career.

Two drivers then hold the 3rd place in the all-time statistics. Dušan Kouřil jr., who finished 3rd in the 2019 season, and this year’s champion Dušan Borković. Both took 8 podiums.

However, more drivers have managed to take a podium in the TCR Eastern Europe series history. Sando Soubek has 3 podiums, Jakub Wyszomirski, Petr Čížek, Maťo Konopka and Szymon Jablonski have 2 podiums and Martin Ryba, Tomáš Pekař, Rudi Pešović, Bence Boldizs, Tomáš Korený and Michal Makeš have 1 podium finish. In total, there were 15 different drivers on the podium in the two years of the TCR Eastern Europe existence.

Table according to number of podiums in TCR Eastern Europe history:

Standings Driver Country Number of podiums
1. Milovan Vesnić Serbia 11
2. Jáchym Galáš Czech Republic 10
3. Dušan Kouřil jr. Czech Republic 8
3. Dušan Borković Serbia 8
5. Sandro Soubek Austria 3
6. Jakub Wyszomirski Poland 2
6. Petr Čížek Czech Republic 2
6. Maťo Konopka Slovakia 2
6. Szymon Jablonski Poland 2
10. Martin Ryba Slovakia 1
10. Tomáš Pekař Czech Republic 1
10. Rudi Pešović Serbia 1
10. Bence Boldizs Hungary 1
10. Tomáš Korený Czech Republic 1
10. Michal Makeš Czech Republic 1