My goal is to be a champion again, says Vesnić

My goal is to be a champion again, says Vesnić

14. 4. 2021 0 News

Milovan Vesnić has only one goal before the start of 2021 season – the championship title. He said that and much more in our interview.

Milovan, what will be your ambitions for 2021 season? You became the champion in 2019 and the vice-champion in 2020. You are the best driver from last season on current TCR Eastern Europe grid. So I guess your target will be the championship title for this year…

It´s simple like always. Goal is only one – to be a champion again. It will not be easy, but we will do our best.

What drivers will be the biggest threats in the championship fight according to you? Michal Makeš, the fourth best driver from last year, will continue in the championship. We will see also Tomáš Pekař, who won one TCR Eastern Europe race in the past and he returns to the championship for this year. So do you think these two drivers will be the two biggest threats in the championship fight according to you? Or do you see any other serious title contender?

Last year, Makeš was faster and faster race by race. I´m sure he will continue at the same pace this season. Pekař is also fast as we all know. But believe me, everybody can win. I have a big respect to all drivers. We all have a big problem this year. We have new tires and also a reversed grid for second races of the weekend. We will see who will set the pace this weekend.

You will not race with Cupra Leon TCR car this season. You changed it for Audi RS 3 LMS TCR car. How would you compare these two cars? What makes Audi better than Cupra?

It´s a little step forward. I already drove Audi in 2017, but this car is a little bit different. Balance of Performance is also different now. For sure, Audi is better on faster tracks. I did only one test in this car before the season, so I still don´t know if I will be faster.

Milovan Vesnić will race with Audi RS 3 LMS TCR car this season. Photo: Milovan Vesnić/Facebook

As you already said, we will have a reversed grid for second races of the weekend from this season. The best six to ten drivers from Race 1 will rotate on the grid for Race 2. It will be decided by draw how many drivers will rotate. What do you think about this change?

For sure, it´s good for spectators and for some „slower“ guys. But sometimes, it´s not fair for driver who was fastest in qualifying. It could be a big problem later in the season with some extra weight. We have to be clever, get as many points as possible and finish all races.

Why should the fans watch the 2021 TCR Eastern Europe season?

Because of fair and clean fights on the track, because of many good drivers, nice cars and circuits. TCR Eastern Europe is a great championship, especially for „normal“ teams without support from factory.

Opening photo: Milovan Vesnić/Facebook