New Cupra has a huge potential, said Čížek

New Cupra has a huge potential, said Čížek

20. 10. 2020 0 News ,

 Petr Čížek provided an interview for our website. How is he happy with this season so far? And what´s his plans for the 2021 season? You will learn that and much more in this interview.

Petr, after the first three races of the season, you are currently 12th in the standings with 16 points. How do you rate your 2020 season so far?

I really can’t be happy about the result. Unfortunately, we’re still fighting with the car setup for the race. While in qualifying it’s not so bad, in races, the car still doesn’t have the pace to fight for the positions in front. We also have a lot of bad luck, with some accidents that even force us to retire.

Which race would you describe as your best one yet and why?

I don’t have any yet, as in every previous race there was something bad that happened to me.

And what about the worst race so far?

I think I’ve already answered that one. We’re still looking for the limits of the car and we even were involved in a crash that was fatal only for us. Twice.

You’re racing with a brand-new Cupra Leon Competición TCR this year. How do you like it so far?

The car is looking very well. Unfortunately, we haven’t been given any instructions from the manufacturer, so we’re still learning with it. In qualifying, we are already there, but in races, not so much. But I think this new Cupra has a huge potential.

How would you compare it to Cupra Leon TCR from last year? Is the Cupra Leon Competición TCR such a step forward?

It’s impossible to compare them, both are totally different cars… from the chassis to the suspension.


Petr Čížek races with brand-new Cupra Leon Competición TCR car this year.


The TCR Eastern Europe grid has vastly expanded this year. How is it to race against such competition? Did you enjoy it more when the grid was smaller or is it better now?

I’m here to race and with a bigger grid, it’s easier to find a competition. For me, this season is definitely better, though the results are not there. At least we’ll have some basic knowledge coming into the next season and we won’t have to start from scratch again.

What about your plans for the 2021 season? Are you going to continue in the TCR Eastern Europe with Petr Fulín’s team and Cupra Leon Competición TCR car? Or are you considering some changes?

We have a long-term plan that we want to follow. Petr is building a nice team for us and it would be tough to leave it. We also understand each other with Petr well, we have a good relationship, and it’s not just a typical team owner – customer relationship. All the people in the team, the mechanics, we have a very good relationship, and I can’t forget about the girls who take care of the food. So yes, next year, we’ll be back with Fullinrace Academy and in the TCR Eastern Europe championship.