Pekař: I will fight until the end

Pekař: I will fight until the end

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Tomáš Pekař is 25 points behind the championship leader Michal Makeš ahead of the final round of the season at Automotodrom Brno. Despite that, he doesn´t give up and he wants to fight until the end.

We will know the 2021 TCR Eastern Europe champion at the end of this week. The decisive battle for the title will take place at Automotodrom Brno on the weekend from third to fifth of September. It will be Michal Makeš or Tomáš Pekař who will celebrate. Before the round at Automotodrom Brno, Makeš is in better position. He leads by 25 points ahead of Pekař.

The latter already prepared himself for the variant of defeat. But it doesn´t mean he gave up. His target for round at Automotodrom Brno is to fight until the last meters of Race 2.

„The Slovakiaring round was unsuccessful for us. We didn´t start in Race 1 because our control arm broke in qualifying. In Race 2, I went off the track after my own mistake. We will arrive to Brno in order to finish the season. Of course, we still can score some points but I don´t expect I will achieve the title. But anything can happen and I will fight until the end. But when I count points, it doesn´t look very good. We will see, anything can happen. But I don´t have some big expectations,“ says the Carpek Service driver before final round.

Pekař had many fond memories of Automotodrom Brno. He scored multiple wins there. His last success at Automotodrom Brno happened last year. He won both Clio Cup races there and secured the championship title of this category then. In addition, he won Clio Cup classification also in Endurance race with Richard Meixner. He is looking forward to this circuit this year again despite he is aware the round will be difficult in terms of tyre management because of rough asphalt.

„I have been racing there for 20 years so I know this circuit very well. But in last few years, it´s very bad with asphalt there. It´s very rough and it degradates tyres very much so you have to spend a lot of money on tyres to be able to test there. It´s a nice circuit but surface isn´t good. It´s wide circuit and you can overtake there very well. You can use more racing lines there and there are space for figuring out some strategies on the opponents. It will be a nice dot for the season,“ he added.

Tomáš Pekař shone with Renault Clio car at Automotodrom Brno last year. Photo: Petr Frýba

Pekař scored four wins in previous races of this season and he has one more victory than Makeš despite he is 25 points behind him in the championship standings. The final championship result will be affected also by deleting two worst results of each driver. From this point of view, Pekař is in better position than Makeš. The Carpek Service driver already didn´t finish two races and it means he will not lose points. Two worst results of Makeš are one fourth place and one sixth position at the moment. It means he would lose 20 points.

Photo: Petr Frýba