Rene Martinek changed cars and is heading back

Rene Martinek changed cars and is heading back

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Rene Martinek is a well-known racing driver in TCR Eastern Europe. He used to participate in this championship in the past. His last season was in 2021 with a VW Golf TCR. But for the following season, he has bought a different car and, with his team RTM Motorsport, is looking forward to new challenges.

You are planning to re-enter the TCR Eastern Europe Championship with your own team, RTM Motorsport. What brings you back?
I sold my race car after the 2021 season because I travel a lot for work and I didn’t have the time to be on the road with my own team. But I bought a car again for the 2023 season because this time, the calendar dates suit me much better.

Which car did you buy and what are your plans for the season?
The exact plans are not yet finalized and we are in talks with Antonio Citera about possible starts. We are going to enter a Honda Civic TCR, which used to race in TCR Denmark.

Was this car your first choice or were there other candidates from other brands?
I used to race with a Honda Civic from 2006 to 2016 and achieved success with that car, so that’s the reason I remained faithful to this brand.

Do you have any goals for the season?
No, because I cannot race for the whole season for cost reasons. That’s why we are in talks with Antonio. However, the main goal is to have fun.

Did you participate in any races in 2022?
No, I didn’t start in a single race.

So I guess you followed the last TCR Eastern Europe season. What do you think about the competitive field?
Yes, I kept an eye on the season and I liked the good starting field and the very interesting and exciting races. TCR Eastern Europe is very high quality, comparable to all of the other TCR series. It has become a really good racing series.