Rising star Attila Bucsi has championship ambitions

Rising star Attila Bucsi has championship ambitions

26. 4. 2024 0 News ,

As the 2024 TCR Eastern Europe championship approaches, a young racer from M1RA Motorsport shares insights into his rigorous off-season preparation and his ambitious goals for his first full season. From intensive physical training to competitive sim racing, the preparation covers all bases to ensure peak performance.

How has your preparation with M1RA Motorsport evolved in the offseason leading up to the 2024 championship? What specific areas have you and the team focused on improving?
This year I took the physical preparation a lot more seriously than in the previous seasons. Mainly, I attempted to focus on stamina, because I found it to be one of my biggest weaknesses last year when the temperature was horribly hot in Brno. On the other hand, we took part in Hungary’s strongest sim racing league with M1RA Esports, which I fortunately won, due to the hours and days of work put into analysing data and finding the last thousandths of a second in our lap times. Just like in real life. It was utter fun, and most importantly, the best possible preparation for the upcoming season.

What are your main objectives and expectations for your first full season in the TCR Eastern Europe championship?
I’m not gonna lie, my main goal is to win the championship. Based on the experiences of last year, I’m pretty sure we can do it. But that’s not the object in the foreseeable future. First of all, maximize points on every single race weekend, and always search for the next mission that you can accomplish. This is the recipe to win a championship.

With a little bit of experience from Brno last year, how do you view your competitors this season?
I have to admit, this field is definitely going to be the strongest I’ve ever raced in my life. Great teams and great drivers will make up the top 10. I expect highly competitive and aggressive racing.

The 2024 season includes a variety of circuits. Which track are you most looking forward to, and which do you see as the most challenging?
I have never been the guy who dislikes any type of circuit, and so it is this year. I wouldn’t even be able to choose one if someone held a gun to my head. Balaton Park, that nearly nobody has ever raced on yet, Red Bull Ring, which has obviously the best general atmosphere throughout the entire season. Slovakia Ring fits the most for close battles, two- or three-wide situations. I’ve never been to Most, so it’s a new challenge, and Brno has the best layout in my opinion. I could go on with this all day, and I wouldn’t finish. Unable to pick one.

Where do you see your racing career five years from now? Are there any particular series or races you aim to compete in?
At the moment, I’m focusing fully on 2024. I’ve never liked to talk about my future since motorsport is unpredictable. But as a human being, I chase dreams just like anyone else. There is no specific series in which I would like to drive. My only dream is to become a professional racing driver one day and work for a factory team.

At what age did you first become interested in racing, and how did you start your career in motorsports?
The first few images that exist in my memory are from the 2010 Formula 1 Hungarian GP, where my father took me to watch the race on Sunday. I have watched WTCC and WTCR since around 2011, and the first time I got properly in touch with touring car racing was 2012 when Norbi Michelisz took home a victory at the Hungaroring. I can clearly remember screaming „Norbi, Norbi!“ on the grandstand, with thousands of other people. I wasn’t even 5 years old at the time. I started motocross racing at the age of 6, then switched to go-karts. I drove the first ever race in the Swift Cup Europe in 2019. Now at the age of 16, the first ever full season in TCR is around the corner. I feel like the luckiest man on earth.