Robert Pravdič is going to race at Grobnik, after a six-year break

Robert Pravdič is going to race at Grobnik, after a six-year break

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Robert Pravdič will be a new face in the TCR Eastern European starting field. The Slovenian racer is getting back behind the wheel after a six-year break, but he may return for more races after the event in Croatia.

Welcome to TCR Eastern Europe. What made you decide to take part in the fourth round of the championship at Grobnik?
I decided to take part at Grobnik because this is our closest track, 250 km away from us.

You are going to start with an Audi TCR. What’s the history of the car?
My Audi TCR was driven by Milovan Vesnić during the last season and Mehdi Bennani drove the car in 2020.

Your entry is under the name of Avto Klub Olimpija. How big is the team, how many members are there?
It was one of the biggest and most successful clubs in what was then Yugoslavia, but at the moment, we are a small club with three members.

How well do you know the Grobnik circuit? Do you like the track?
I know the Grobnik circuit very well and I really like it.

What do you think about your chances in the race? What is your goal?
I am going to this race to see the competition. For me, this race is preparation for next season.

Is it going to be just a one-off race in TCR Eastern Europe, or would you consider more races in the championship if the results would be good for you?
If the racing would be good for me and if I like it, I’ll participate in the remaining events of the season. But it’s important to understand that I’m returning after a six-year break.

What is your racing history? What do you consider to be the biggest success in your career?
I started racing in 1987. My biggest success was 30 years ago (I’m 54 years old). I finished fourth in the Slovenian Championship in 1991. Six years ago, I was driving a Seat León WTCC, but due to a lack of time (I’m the director of my own company Avto-Shop Formula d.o.o.), I stopped racing and sold the car.