Scoring points is a duty, says Petr Čížek

Scoring points is a duty, says Petr Čížek

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Petr Čížek has been racing in TCR Eastern Europe since the beginning of the championship in 2019. At that time, he drove in the colours of the Fullin Race Academy team and in Cupra León car. He remains faithful to the team and the car, and this year it´s going to be their fourth season. So what are Petr Čížek’s ambitions?

You spoke about last season in TCR Eastern Europe as disappointing. How should this year look like, so that you would be satisfied with results?
Definitely better than last year, we had a lot of technical problems for my taste and to top it all, I got involved in several incidents. I would like to see the chequered flag every race weekend. And we don’t have to talk about regular points score…. That is a duty.

However, at the end of the season you also raced at Monza in TCR Europe. How satisfied were you with your performance and second start at TCR Europe in your career?
We have (I hope) a very warm relationship with Radim Adamek and his team, so we talked about it and we agreed on this event. I also wanted to try another series and I took it as gaining more experience… a new track, a different car, a different team, more competition. The way it all finished, tells me to come back to Monza next season and show improvement.

This year you will drive Cupra again with the Fullinrace Academy team, which was dominant at the end of last season. Do you expect to follow up the results this year as well?
Hard to say, the competition is certainly working on the cars. Of course, we will try to be dominant as long as possible. For example, teammate Carol Wittke was excellent all season and it was visible in the overall standings. If we avoid technical problems, we can easily think of the highest places.

How realistic do you think are TOP3 finishes or even wins?
There are many factors that can affect this. I have been playing sports since a young age and it was even at a higher level. I always went into it with the will that I want to win and it is no different here. When everything comes together and the factor between the steering wheel and the seat doesn’t make a mistake, the winnings can come. We definitely have the technology for that.

What do you think about the change of tyre supplier?
I haven’t had the opportunity to test Kumho tires yet, but I don’t think there will be such a significant difference between last season´s supplier and the Kumho brand.

Is TCR Eastern Europe the „right“ one for you? Or do you have ambitions for other championships as well?
I will definitely drive in TCR Eastern Europe this season, as I have already paid the entry fee. It will be our fourth season and the championship is constantly improving in terms of organization, quality of the driving field and more. I would say that TCR EE is definitely the right series for me. We always talk about our work in the next season in the winter. Finance is an important part of motorsport and if we have them, we will race, whether in TCR EE or other series.