Showdown by talented rally driver Petr Semerád

Showdown by talented rally driver Petr Semerád

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When Petr Semerád won the JuniorStar competition in 2016, it was clear that one of the most significant talents had appeared on the czech motorsport scene. He was 14 years old. Then he tried open wheel racing, however the calling of family tradition was stronger. His father Josef and also brother Martin were successful rally drivers.

So Peter enjoyed his rally career, but after a four years break, he returned on the racing tracks as part of the Eset Race Star project and started in the last race weekend of TCR Eastern Europe in Brno. With the Cupra TCR, prepared by the Lema Racing team, the 20-year-old Semerád showed nice performance. He scored eight points and offered the fans a beautiful duel with Adam Rzepecký.

Petr, didn’t you hesitate to return to the circuits?
No, the offer attracted me. I started on the circuits and drove a lot of races in formula cars. Of course, I had no idea what awaited me at TCR Eastern Europe. So I tried to do maximum for a good result. There wasn’t much time to prepare myself, but I got along quite well with the car. The team with skilled and hard-working mechanics helped me a lot with the setup. I liked that they came up with ideas on what else to improve. The car worked well, thank you again.

What comes to your mind when I ask you about the JunioStar competition now?
Running five kilometres was a terrible idea by Mr. Křenek. At the time, I was a boy who raced on a computer and liked lying on the couch. And suddenly there was such a running distance in front of me. It was dreadful, but at least I wasn’t last. I was surprised when I advanced among the top sixteen and the next day I was finally able to drive cars. Initially with the Renault Twingo and then with the Chevrolet. I was already at home and took first and second place. So I opened doors for the final run with formula cars. I didn’t believe in myself, but I won. Wonderful feeling.

How did you feel this year after the fight in TCR Eastern Europe in Brno?
Great races for me. The Sunday´s duel with Adam Rzepecký was very difficult and exciting until the end. Only in the penultimate lap I definitely left him behind. We overtook several times. I didn’t start on the circuits for a long time, so I was more careful and kept enough space from my opponent. Adam drove on the edge, so we were divided by millimetres during his attacks. I was glad I made it. Adam and I shook hands at the finish. The result is average, because I’m always quite critical of myself. There is always something to improve, but on the other hand, it probably couldn’t have been better, because there was such a short time to prepare for race weekend. I would like to thank Mr. Křenek and the Lema team for this chance.

Were you thinking about returning to the circuits after Brno´s weekend?
No, rally remains my priority. But if there is an offer, I would like to take part in those races again. However, we are currently working on the program for the next season and short-term future. I would like to start in the European Championships in the future and I would like to try the World Championships one day.