Standing on top of the podium was a memorable moment, says race winner Davit Kajaia

Standing on top of the podium was a memorable moment, says race winner Davit Kajaia

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Georgian driver Davit Kajaia entered the TCR Eastern Europe with the Mertel Motorsport team this year. He fought for podium finishes in his black-green Honda Civic and managed to secure victory at Red Bull Ring. Unfortunately, his quest for a top-three position in the driver’s standings was spoiled by an unlucky final round at Brno, and he ended up fourth in the standings.

What was your goal before the season, and did it change during the year?
My goal before every single season of my career is to fight for the title. But, of course, a lot depends on luck. Nevertheless, my aim is always to achieve the highest results until the very end.

So, I guess you were in the hunt for the title against Maťo Homola, especially after your five podium finishes, including a win at the Red Bull Ring.
Of course, the podium finishes made me optimistic. Theoretically, it was really possible to overtake Homola. However, due to some circumstances—what I call a lack of luck—my expectations were lowered. Unfortunately, such things are common in racing.

You have become a part of the new team Mertel Motorsport, which was among the top in the field. How did you acclimate to the team?
Mertel Motorsport did an amazing job, both technically and personally. This is very important. From the very first day with them, I felt like a meaningful part of the team. This means a lot. Their hard work resulted in my podium finishes, of course. I am really grateful for everything they did. They are, in fact, among the best.

The team was under the supervision of Kurt Treml. How significant was his role in the team’s success?
Kurt Treml is personally in charge of my collaboration with the team. He is an absolutely precious professional with huge experience and a unique talent for seeing things from afar. He knows how to work. I appreciate his every effort throughout the season.

What moment from the season do you remember the most?
Of course, the moment I was standing on top of the podium at Red Bull Ring with my flag on my shoulders, feeling the excitement of my Georgian fans from far away. And another unforgettable memory of the season is the weekend at Brno, where I lost a front wheel in the first race and had the car hood open during the second one.

Can you tell us about your plans for the next season?
Most likely, it will be another season in TCR again.