Stolarczyk will race with new car in 2021 season

Stolarczyk will race with new car in 2021 season

20. 2. 2021 0 News ,

Lukasz Stolarczyk will race with new car this year and he aims to the fight at the top. He said that and much more in our interview.

Lukasz, you completed your premiere TCR Eastern Europe season last year. You finished 12th with 21 points in overall standings. How are you happy with 2020 season?

We were enjoying every race weekend in TCR Eastern Europe last year. The car and all circuits were new for us, so the target for 2020 was to learn as much as possible and we are happy with job we have done. We showed we can be competitive last race weekend in Hungary and we were learning during a year how to set up a car properly. It will pay off in 2021.

How do you like it in TCR Eastern Europe? What is the best thing on TCR Eastern Europe according to you?

Me and all our team like it a lot in TCR Eastern Europe. Best thing is we can compete against drivers from Eastern Europe or Central Europe on the local or on the nearby circuits. TCR Eastern Europe circuits are very interesting and demanding from the driver´s point of view.

Will we see you in TCR Eastern Europe during 2021 season again? And if so, will you race again with Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR car?

Our efforts was divided between Polish championship and TCR Eastern Europe in 2020. Our targets for 2020 season was to get a Polish championship and to pick up as much as possible in TCR Eastern Europe to be ready for fight at the top during 2021 season. We will race in TCR Eastern Europe as a main series with some selected races in other championships and we will race with a new car. But our old Golf also will stay in TCR Eastern Europe with another Polish driver. We will switch to another brand. It will be announced soon.

Lukasz Stolarczyk did his first TCR Eastern Europe season last year. Photo: Petr Frýba

TCR Eastern Europe will make its debut in Poznan, Poland this year. How are you looking forward to your home round?

This is one of the best news ever for us. From the driver point of view is Poznan an interesting track, but key aspect for us is we will have a support of our friends and families there. It is making a difference especially in those times, when traveling is not so easy. We can´t wait to race there during TCR Eastern Europe race weekend.

TCR Eastern Europe also will return at Red Bull Ring this year. This circuit absented in calendar last year. How are you looking forward to this circuit?

It will be for the first time that our team will race there. Personally, I know the circuit from sim racing. It looks very nice and demanding. Let´s see in real.

What will be your driver´s ambitions for 2021 season? Do you think you can achieve first podium, for example?

I will have the different ambitions than in 2020 season. I want to fight at the top this year. We will see soon if my plans will come true.

Opening photo: Petr Frýba