The agreement was almost immediate, agree Adámek and Steibel

The agreement was almost immediate, agree Adámek and Steibel

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Sebastian Steibel is changing the car and the team for 2023 season. The agreement with the Czech team Aditis Racing and the cockpit of the new Audi RS3 LMS TCR means that the German racer can significantly rise in the race results.

„I’m very happy for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to race for the Aditis Racing and to drive the new Audi,“ says Steibel, third driver of Aditis Racing after team boss Radim Adámek and reigning Clio Cup champion Tobias Poschik.

„I’ve learned that Sebastian is selling his car from last year and doesn’t have a new one yet,“ says Adámek about the deal with Steibel. „I contacted him and the deal was done within a few days. We know Sebastian and his family team well from the paddock. We have always helped each other and celebrated successes in the evenings… “

„Radim asked me about this just two weeks ago, he said he has a seat for me. We met last week at Audi Sport and spoke about the details. After that, we decided to race together,“ added Steibel.

The Steibel Motorsport team won´t be seen in the new TCR Eastern Europe season, but some of its members will. Aditis Racing will expand with two mechanics from Steibel Motorsport. One of them is also Sebastian’s father.

As for the goals for this season, they are clear: „Since I will be sitting in a new car, I want to fight for the win and finish in the TOP3 in the championship. After two fifth places in drivers´ standings, I want more…,“ adds Steibel and Adámek agrees: „One of the goals is to win the teams´ championship and to be in the TOP3 in the drivers´ standings. I’ll be happy with 10th place.“

Tobias Poschik will drive the older generation Audi, with which Bartosz Groszek won the title in 2022. „We already tested him at Most and it was a pleasant surprise for us. Building on last year’s success is really realistic for Tobias. But we will see with the new competition, it looks like it will be big,“ estimates Adámek.

Unfortunately Bartosz Groszek has not found a sponsor to move to TCR Europe, but he still remains as a member of the Aditis Racing team. „Bartosz will be helping Tobias, so Bartosz and I thought we would take advantage of the joint weekends and diversify our schedule with starts in ESET Endurance, where we will be team mates behind the wheel of my Audi TCR.“

The Audi with which Adámek and Groszek will start in Endurace and which Adámek will drive in TCR Eastern Europe, faced a number of technical difficulties last season. However, Adámek is confident that the problems have been sorted out.

„I have to say that we had great support from Audi Sport. They tried to figure out the problem. We weren’t the only ones who had issues with the differential. After the season we were asked to send the differential to Audi for an upgrade. Now, after testing, it looks promising. The car is finally working,“ adds Adámek.