The battle for 2nd place is still wide open

The final round of the TCR Eastern Europe championship is set to take place at Hungaroring at the end of October. And there is still a lot to play for, especially in the battle for the 2nd place in the championship standings.

The TCR Eastern Europe 2020 season finale takes place at Hungaroring on October 24-25. We already know this year’s champion, after Dušan Borković gained enough points in Brno. The Serbian driver has been dominating this season so far, taking six victories in six races.

Borković celebrates fifth win and the title

But while the championship battle is already decided, there is still a lot to fight for in the battle for the 2nd place overall, as there are up to 11 drivers in the mix.

Milovan Vesnić is in the best position, as the Serbian driver has 66 points. But he is closely followed by a rookie Sandro Soubek in the 3rd place with 48 points. The same amount of points has also Jáchym Galáš who sits in 4th position. Right behind them are also Bence Boldizs (46 points), Michal Makeš (44 points) and Szymon Jablonski (42 points).

However, theoretically, there are even more drivers who still can take the 2nd place in the standings. Drivers like Maťo Konopka (30 points), Dušan Kouřil jr. (26 points), Carol Wittke (24 points), Igor Stefanovski (16 points) and Petr Čížek (16 points).