The Poles dominated the virtual Grobnik

The Poles dominated the virtual Grobnik

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The Polish drivers shone during the third TCR Eastern Europe Simracing round at the virtual Grobnik. While the rookie Bartlomiej Mirecki won Race 1, Bartosz Groszek was the best in Race 2.

On Tuesday, July 14, the third TCR Eastern Europe Simracing round took place. After the races at Hungaroring and Red Bull Ring, the drivers fought for points at Grobnik Circuit in Croatia.

On the starting grid of the Croatian event, we could see one fresh face. It was Bartlomiej Mirecki. He made his debut with Hyundai i30 N TCR of BM Racing Team, which will be represented by Szymon Jablonski in the real TCR Eastern Europe races this year.

Races at Grobnik with a live broadcast

Mirecki didn´t want to play only the second violin. He showed it already in qualifying. He won there and gained the pole position for Race 1. The championship leader Bartosz Groszek qualified as the second after he lost only nine thousandths to Mirecki. Jáchym Galáš started from the third place to Race 1. Balint Hatvani was fourth and Tomáš Korený fifth.

And Mirecki reigned also in the race. In the initial phase, he was threatened by Mirecki, but he resisted him. For the rest of the race, nobody was able to beat him, so he could celebrate the victory right at his premiere in TCR Eastern Europe Simracing.[0]=68.ARBiE4yCllGUgYaVxs06J7BQnnFw1woksRz4OP6khoNUsOj7uBlq_9lHJCCe6HYBc9ck4Qr7yjpV03ceZPX2TFib1yH_cfuRqhiXVLRyNx7TqL7lH6FaGH3FMB3VOZeR06oGJJjRhY_6N8QfNa4g06Bbinnz1G93WQ5rfGzIAS2biZwhl-G-UCrsvVdGuzRAGDZG9IAPtmhMrbEjgxW6QyU_mYt9MjCRgGoc0QvFgO5g7kHNQYo1_mjklu8hI1pU_8S8MI6UBl9K3Vlj7NeLd_cs2dzpjtrpl1pOdrkQSCilbfxUI3mjiv6UuVbuhSzqVXmffepdV-3RDx844P7lRuIAk0L2JlhYEg_pYg&__tn__=-R


Groszek had to settle with the second place. Tomáš Korený also finished in TOP 3. The Race 2 winner from Red Bull Ring event took the bronze position as a best junior driver. The Czech driver fought hard with Keijo Keke Platzer and Balint Hatvani. But these two drivers collided five laps to go. Szymon Ladniak took the fourth place and Gabriela Jílková was fifth.

Groszek and Korený victorious at virtual Austria

On the grid of Race 2, TOP 12 from Race 1 were reversed. Carol Wittke started from pole position. Matěj Kácovský was second and Miro Horňák third. Wittke didn´t have a good start and Horňák took the lead. But the Horňák-Aditis driver didn´t stay at the top for a long time. He made a mistake already during the opening lap and allowed Keijo Keke Platzer to take the lead.

The Austrian kept the first place until the last lap. But he didn´t won in the end. He was humbled by Bartosz Groszek in the final lap, so the BTC Maszyny Racing driver took the fourth victory in the season after the start from the 11th place. Platzer crossed the line on the second position.

Groszek and Platzer were added by Bartlomiej Mirecki on the imaginary podium. The Race 1 winner showed another great performance and finished third after the start from the 12th position. Szymon Ladniak finished fourth again and the poleman Wittke crossed the line as the fifth.

The penultimate TCR Eastern Europe Simracing round is on the schedule on July 28. Its venue will be Slovakia Ring.

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