The seventh victory in a row for Borković

The seventh victory in a row for Borković

24. 10. 2020 0 News ,

Dušan Borković won also in the penultimate race of the 2020 season. Jáchym Galáš was second as the best Junior and Tomáš Korený took the third place right in his TCR Eastern Europe debut.

During the first three rounds of the 2020 season, Dušan Borković achieved the victory in every race. And his winning streak was extended also in Race 1 of the final round at Hungaroring.

On Friday, Borković secured pole position in the qualifying. But he didn´t have a good start and dropped to the second place behind his countryman and the 2019 champion Milovan Vesnić.

But Vesnić spent only eight minutes in the lead. After that, Borković overtook him and started to build a gap. In the remaining laps, he wasn´t challenged by anyone a crossed the line on the first place. He scored his seventh victory in the season and if he will take a victory also tomorrow, he will end the season with 100% success. Milovan Vesnić finished the race as the second. Jáchym Galáš was third at the finish.


Milovan Vesnić led the race in the first laps.

We saw a great battle for fourth place between Sandro Soubek and Tomáš Korený. It lasted nearly for a whole race and it was Soubek, who finished fourth in the end. The TCR Eastern Europe rookie Tomáš Korený crossed the line as the fifth.

Michal Makeš was sixth at the finish, Szymon Ladniak seventh, Szymon Jablonski eighth, Lukasz Stolarczyk ninth and TOP 10 was completed by Radim Adámek.

But it wasn´t the final form of Race 1 results. After the race, lots of penalties for exceeding the track limits were given. The stewards penalized Soubek (47 seconds), Vesnić (32 seconds), Ladniak (22 seconds), Makeš (22 seconds), Borković (12 seconds), Galáš (7 seconds), Korený (2 seconds) and Stolarczyk (2 seconds).

Despite the penalty, Borković stayed on the first position. But there were changes in the rest of TOP 3. Galáš moved to the second place and another junior Korený was classified as third. It means the ACCR Czech Talent Team driver scored first podium already during his debut in TCR Eastern Europe. Szymon Jablonsk finished fourth, Lukasz Stolarczyk fifth, Radim Adámek sixth, Milovan Vesnić dropped from the original second place to seventh, Michal Makeš was eighth, Szymon Ladniak ninth and Sandro Soubek scored one point for the tenth place.

Race 2 will take place tomorrow at 12.20.