Tomáš Pekař: I was a little bit disappointed, but live goes on

Tomáš Pekař: I was a little bit disappointed, but live goes on

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Tomáš Pekař and his team Carpek Service completed a challenging season. Although the premiere at TCR Eastern Europe did not come out as wished, because he finished second in championship, however in Clio Cup Bohemia was Carpek Service team really unbeatable. The dominant Swede Filip Sandström won the championship and also Junior Trophy of Eset Cup Series. His teammate Erik Bertilsson finished second and Yuss Panttil Finn finished third. The Nordic trio took all the winner´s trophies.

Tomáš, how do you rate the premiere start at TCR Eastern Europe?
After last year’s victory in the Clio Cup, I decided to transfer to TCR Eastern Europe. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy premiere. In the end, I fought for the championship with Michal Makeš until the last race. I lost by four points. I was a little disappointed, but life goes on. I’ve already „raced“ a lot, so I don’t take it fatally. In the middle of the season, I knew that I wouldn´t continue in TCR Eastern Europe next year. Financially it’s beyond our capabilities, so I’m going back to the Clio Cup Bohemia. But with the title, it would be more pleasant.

At the same time, after three victories in the beginning of the season it looked like you don´t have any serious opponent. What has changed in the second half of the championship?
After a good opening came technical issues. Once the half-shaft problem, then suspension and I lost points from two races. Michal took the lead after the third round in Poznań. Winning in Grobnik meant I can hope about championship again, but at Slovakiaring I scored only nine points. The troubles with the car continued, but I still tried to fight in Brno. In the second race, I held the hope for the title thanks to the lead position until the fourth lap. Then Carol Wittke overtook me with the new Cupra and that was it. I finished third in the race. At least I could say goodbye on the podium.

The participation of your team in the Clio Cup Bohemia was more pleasant. Did you expect to win all the races in this cup race?
No, but I believed we would do well. We have extensive experience with cup cars. And the Nordic cavalry was excellent. Filip Sandström confirmed how great he is. He also brought his friend Erik Bertilsson to the team, who also showed qualities thanks to the second place in the championship. The newcomer Finn Yussa Panttila found us on the internet. He only had experience with go-karts, but he advanced to third place in standings. He has a talent and showed us how much he wants to become a professional racer. The Nordic trio was completed by Richard Meixner, who finished seventh. The team expanded in the Clio Cup, so amount of work increased, but I must say that it was a job that brought me joy. We did incredibly well. No one crashed, we didn’t have to change the engine or transmission. Everything worked perfectly. And the results were great. I’m all the more looking forward to the new season.