Tomáš Pekař led from start to finish

Tomáš Pekař led from start to finish

17. 4. 2021 0 News

The Czech driver Tomáš Pekař from the Carpek Racing team showed his experience in a scrap in the first corner of the race. After that, he showed a dominant performance, while there was a dramatic battle for the podium positions behind him.

Tomáš Pekař with his SEAT Cupra car started from pole position ahead of Milovan Vesnič with Audi RS3. Behind them was another SEAT Cupra, this time with Michal Makeš, and another Audi RS3 of Lukasz Stolarczyk. All these drivers went side by side into the first corner. In the very last moment, Pekař decided to back down and take a more cautious approach, which paid off as there was a contact between Vesnič and Makeš. Then Stolarczyk was too wide and Pekař suddenly headed towards the first corner as a race leader.

The orange SEAT Cupra of the Carpek Racing team then remained in the lead until the end of the race. Tomáš Pekař had a brilliant race, with consistency and precision. He also added the fastest lap of the race, and also was increasing his gap by every lap.

Meanwhile, there was a big battle for the rest of the podium positions. Stolarczyk did absolutely everything to keep Makeš behind. The Polish-Czech duel came to the climax in a technical section of the circuit, where they were racing side by side which led to contact. While Makeš lost a small piece of his car, the Czech driver managed to take 2nd place and then to defend it until the finish line.

Soon after, Stolarczyk had to defend from Milovan Vesnič. The Serbian driver had to fight his way through from the mid-field after contact with Makeš in the opening lap of the race. And after a while, he was ready to tackle Stolarczyk. Soon, Vesnič successfully attacked the Polish driver in a chicane, and take 3rd place from him. In the final lap of the race, the Polish driver then also lost to an Italian Giacomo Ghermandi and he had to settle for only 5th position.

Tomáš Pekař took his first win of the TCR Eastern Europe series ahead of Czech driver Michal Makeš from Mičánek Motorsport team. The comeback drive went well for Milovan Vesnič, who completed the podium. Giacomo Ghermandi finished in 4th, ahead of struggling Lukasz Stolarczyk. Tomasz Rzepecki crossed the finish line in 6th place ahead of Sebastian Steibel, after a long battle between both drivers in VW Golf cars. Petr Fulín jr. finished in 8th place ahead of Carol Wittke and Petr Čížek.