Tomasz Rzepecki hopes this season will be better

Tomasz Rzepecki hopes this season will be better

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Polish driver Tomasz Rzepecki is coming back to TCR Eastern Europe. He is going to race with VW Golf again, so he is used to the car and is expecting better results this year.

Firstly, how do you rate your debut season 2021?
It was ok, but it could be better. We got pretty unlucky in last races of the season, especially at Slovakiaring. Something went wrong with the car, but we didn’t know what was the fault and it took us like three to four races to finally get it fixed.

What did you learn during the year and how can it help you into upcoming season?
I learnt a lot. I get used to the car, because it’s a little different from my past cars that I’ve driven. We as a team, are still learning about how to setup the car for specific track etc.

You are with Basenhurt A&T Racing Team and will drive VW Golf TCR again, what are your expectations for this season?
Yes, Basenhurt A&T Racing Team is our family team that has been in motorsport business for ten years. We hope for the best, but for me I want to do better than my first season.

How old is your Golf TCR and do you think it can be still competitive to newer car in the field?
It will be its fifth year competing. We were planning to change the car, but decided to stay with our Golf. Of course it will be more difficult to compete with newer cars in the field, but we are hoping for the best. Not without reason, we are going with Golf once again.

You have a lot of experiences with touring cars. You have raced with Octavia, Clio and now with Golf TCR. Can you say touring cars are your career path?
Yes, you can say that. It wasn’t planned to always go for touring cars, but through the years it was our leading series.

How hard is competition in TCR Eastern Europe compare to your previous cup racing?
I think it’s second the most competitive series that I’ve been in. TCR Eastern Europe has perfect balance of competition.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I cannot tell you this right now. I will be 24 years old this year and I’m sure and I know that upcoming five years will change a lot in my private and professional life. Will it affect my racing career? Who knows.

There are rumours, that you don´t like your home circuit Poznan. Why is that?
Yes, it is true. Since the beginning I hated that circuit. Honestly I don’t know why, maybe the reason is that I was never pleased with my driving there.