Tomasz Rzepecki will make his debut in TCR Eastern Europe this season

Tomasz Rzepecki will make his debut in TCR Eastern Europe this season

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Tomasz Rzepecki is another rookie who was confirmed for the upcoming TCR Eastern Europe season. The Pole will race with Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR car of Basenhurt Racing Team.

Tomasz, we got an information you will race in TCR Eastern Europe this season. Can you tell us more about it?

For this season, we took a different direction and even tough we will race in new series, I will still race for Basenhurt Racing Team. We were searching for some TCR car and Lukasz Stolarczyk from BTC Maszyny Racing suddenly popped up and he offered us his Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR car. We met with Lukasz, talked about the car and made a deal. Lukasz seemed like a great guy and he was well versed in his Golf. We hope his car will make a good performance in our hands.

What do you think about TCR Eastern Europe?

I think it´s a very competitive series. That´s why it is a great championship.

What is the most attractive about TCR Eastern Europe according to you?

There are competitive drivers, amount of cars that will race and just TCR cars.

What preparation will you complete before the season will start?

Of course, I do a physical training, because it´s very important. I also do some sports for fun. The weather is finally getting better, so I hope I will be able to go on track finally. But for now, I´m doing some karting and racing on simulator.

Tomasz Rzepecki will drive the car that Lukasz Stolarczyk raced last year.

In the previous years, you took part in Renault Clio Cup races. What will be the biggest change in TCR car for you?

I don´t know what to expect, but TCR cars are more massive than Clio cars according to me. So it will certainly be different. I really don´t know what to expect, like I said. I´m very excited I will drive the car and see how it´s like.

You will meet also some of your last year´s rivals from Renault Clio Cup on the track this year. Tomáš Pekař and Richard Meixner confirmed they will race in TCR Eastern Europe this season. How do you look forward to them and what do you expect from them?

Tomáš is just a great driver and I don´t feel like I have to say more. I raced with Richard for the first time in Octavia Cup and then in Clio Cup. He is getting faster every year. I hope to have some fights on the track with these guys.

TCR Eastern Europe will made its debut in Poznan this year. How are you looking forward to your home round?

I live four kilometers away from this circuit. But believe or not, it is the most hated track for me. I don´t know why, but I just don´t feel confident there.

One of the biggest changes in the rules will be reversed grid for Race 2 of each weekend this year. What do you think about it?

I already raced in series where the reversed grid was used and it was interesting. It could make a little mess, but we will see how it turns out.

Tomasz Rzepecki participated in Renault Clio Cup races last year. Photo: Basenhurt

What will be your ambitions for 2020 season?

I know myself and I know that I need to get to know car, so I don´t think it will be my best season. But we will see what I will be able to do. I just want to be satisfied with my drive, even if I don´t reach the top positions.

Introduction Photo: Basenhurt