Vesnič does not consider Borkovič as unbeatable

Vesnič does not consider Borkovič as unbeatable

4. 8. 2020 0 News ,

The reigning champion Milovan Vesnič in an interview for the official website, in which he reveals that he is confident in a battle with Dušan Borkovič. His main goal remains unchanged – to defend his championship title.

Milovan, your season has started well in Grobnik with two 2nd place finishes. How are you happy with the way the weekend went?

I’m really happy. I got everything out of my old Cupra. There weren’t fans at the circuit and only other drivers and team members watched the race. After the races, a lot of them came to congratulate us, which felt even better than the trophies. We didn’t win, but we did our best. Because of the current coronavirus situation and all the testing that’s necessary for us to be able to get into the European Union, we were there in only 4 people, including me. And we had only one real mechanic. Some teams had more people in the kitchen than I had in the garage. But we did great work, I’m proud of the guys.

You could not do any pre-season testing at all due to the coronavirus. However, you have managed to get on the podium twice and finished ahead of many drivers who did a lot of testing. And Maťo Konopka, who did not do any testing at all, also had a good result with two 3rd place finishes. Do you have any explanation for that?

Indeed, we didn’t do any testing. I think, that in my case, I was able to get good results thanks to the experience, good preparations and circuit knowledge. Konopka is a great guy and a great racing driver. He drove a lot with GT and LMP cars. I was a bit surprised how quickly he has managed to adapt to a front-wheel drive. But it just shows how good he is. Also, he can rely on a good car and a good team. In both races, we had better starts than him. But if he was ahead of me, I would have troubles to overtake him.

Dušan Borkovič dominated at Croatia, winning both races. How do you feel about battling with him? Could he be dominating for the rest of the season? Or do you think that he is not unbeatable, and you can challenge him and maybe even beat him? Have your goals for the season changed since the opening round of the season?

My goal remains the same, to defend the championship title. Borkovič isn’t unbeatable, nobody is. It’s just another reason to push even more. While Borkovič has the support of a strong team, racing can make a difference sometimes. It takes only one error and you’re out of the game. Sometimes, the heart gets beaten by a better car, but me and the others won’t definitely make it easy for him. Let’s just wait and see.

Milovan Vesnič don´t give up the battle with Dušan Borkovič.

And how would you rate your competitors at Grobnik? Any surprises or disappointments? Who do you think might be your biggest competitor in the upcoming races?

It was the first race after a long break. There were many great cars and drivers, but a lot of them had many problems. Also, the new tyres from Yokohama make setting up the car more difficult. It’s a technical sport. We’ve also discovered a small problem on the car when we were on our way home. I expect more battles in Slovakia, everybody is going to be faster there.

What do you expect from Slovakia Ring? Last year, you managed to win there and also take the 2nd place. Do you think you will be able to improve from Grobnik?

Slovakia Ring is my favourite circuit. I can’t wait to be racing there. The only way how to improve from Grobnik is to win. And we’re definitely going to try to do so.